Kim Levesque-Lissot's text on the Philip Bond affair was shared by many

Like many artists, Kim Levesque-Lissot spoke about the “Philip Bond Affair” (All the details are here) through a short text on his social networks.

Her words, which you can read below the article, seemed to resonate with many stars, as her post was re-shared in several places.

Virginie Ford was one of the personalities who sent the words of the writer and actress to her fans. Also, the comedian has been the subject of a lot of controversy on the Internet when he posted a photo on Thursday in 2016 in the company of Gilbert Rosen, Philip Bond and Eric Salvile.

Be careful, it explodes “, she wrote in a story His previous photo, you can see at the bottom of the article.

Kim Lévesque-Lizotte’s text follows: Face what you have done, take responsibility, admit your mistakes, face the consequences of your actions, your crimes, time, time and place, question yourself, seek help, admit his mistakes to those around him, it will avoid. A lot of waste, additional victims, co-victims, media frenzy, victims needing courage to open up publicly by describing their trauma.

Postponing the moment, denying it, closing your eyes, speaking in silence, establishing doubt, lying, must certainly give a great sense of power and impunity, especially if it works over a decade. But if the poop hits the fan, it takes everything, it destroys everything.

Admitting your mistakes and getting help in time can protect a career, a family, and avoid disaster. »

Of all the publications on the subject, this tweet from Guillaume Cyr caught our attention:

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