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Interest in co-financing of people who want to generate energy for their own needs and transfer its surplus to the electricity grid is very high. My Current supports consumer energy development. We keep our word and will add PLN 450 million to the Moje Prąd program budget – said Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskwa.

An additional amount of PLN 450 million to the budget of the Moje Prąd programme

Funding can be obtained at:

  • photovoltaic (PV) installations,
  • heat storage,
  • Storing electricity with a capacity of not less than 2 kWh,
  • Home Energy Management Systems HEMS (Home Energy Management System) or EMS (Energy Management System).

The purpose of the electrostatic program is:

  • Increasing electricity production from small photovoltaic installations,
  • Increasing self-consumption of generated electricity through storing it (electricity storage or heat storage),
  • Increase the efficiency of electricity management.

Poles have fallen in love with renewable energy. We financially assist in the installation of small installations, especially with energy storage as part of the “Electric” program. To date, more than PLN 2 billion has been paid to more than 470,000 projects. conclusions

– says Minister Anna Moscow.

Access to energy obtained from the sun has become possible for approximately 1.3 million consumer producers who have taken steps to independently generate energy for their own needs, thus reducing their energy bills. Thanks to this, the power of small consumer PV installations has reached more than 9.7 GW. The total installed capacity in photovoltaics today is more than 14.2 GW. For comparison, at the end of 2015, these installations were connected to power grids amounting to only 0.1 GW, while the number of consumers in Poland was around 4,000.

A new billing system for consumers – the so-called net billing

Due to the increasing importance of consumers’ energy, a new consumer settlement system has been in operation since April 1, 2022 – the so-called net billing. It ensures further development of community energy in Poland and at the same time increases the security of operation of the energy grid. The institution of “Collective and Virtual Consumer” was also introduced, creating conditions for people living in multi-family buildings to become consumer consumers, which applies to up to 13 million households.

Increased the limit from 50 to 150 kW of photovoltaic capacity that requires a building permit

Another facilitation of new investments in photovoltaic installations are the solutions contained in the amendment to the Renewable Energy Sources Law, i.e. Increasing the maximum PV installation power from 50 to 150 kW, which requires a building permit, and introducing the definition of rented consumer. This will increase the range of energy generation capabilities in multi-family buildings. With these renewable energy installations, it will allow the co-op or residential community to cover its own energy needs and other costs related to the maintenance of the property, translating into benefits for the residents.

The co-financing amount is up to 50% of the eligible costs For: PV precision installations, heat storage/heating device (Ground Heat Pumps – Ground/Water Heat Pumps, Water/Water Heat Pumps, Air/Water Heat Pumps, including those with an increased energy efficiency class, Air Heat Pumps /air) electricity storage, HEMS/EMS energy management system, solar hot water collectors

Details and applications at:

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