The quality of coal from Kazakhstan surprised us

Coal prices are becoming more favorable to consumers – they have fallen significantly for several weeks.

“The price drop was affected, among other things, by the exchange rate of the dollar, which is the main currency used in settling coal purchase transactions. As a result, coal is now 20 percent cheaper than it was two months ago,” describes the portal. However, he notes, those levels are still above 100 percent. higher than before the war in Ukraine.

Witold Niedzielski, head of Elektrociepłownia Będzin, admits that the situation at the CHP plant has improved. It also had an effect Imported raw materialsIt is surprisingly good quality.

The rest of the article is below the video:

– We buy charcoal from certified Polish sellers who have been supplying us with charcoal for a long time. This coal comes mainly from Kazakhstan, but also from other destinations, including Polish mines. At first, we were concerned about the quality of the coal From Kazakhstan, but I’m very surprised to say we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the coal. It is of a quality that allows for the normal uninterrupted operation of the boilers at the highest possible standards, Niedzielski confirms in an interview with

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