European, you will sit.. at home

The Czech Presidency of the European Union has announced that a preliminary agreement has been reached between the European Parliament and the European Council, according to which from 2035 it will be almost impossible to purchase a new car with an internal combustion engine in the countries of the European Union.

The European Union is not slowing down and wants to provide its citizens with more that has led to the current energy crisis. It has just been emphasized that there is no turning back from climate policy. Frans Timmermans has set goals – from 2030, exhaust emissions from new cars will be 55 percent. Less than a day and zero since 2035. In practice, this means that in 12 years it will not be possible to sell new cars with an internal combustion engine. Other EU bodies patted the grave like dirt with a shovel. Now is the time for the Council of the European Union.

All this is happening at a time when the citizens of the Union shiver from their winter freeze due to lack of energy or its crazy prices. Also at a time when the electric car is considered a luxury and there is not a single electric truck in the world capable of transporting loads for longer distances. The state of technology today is that the battery of this truck weighs more or less than the weight of the goods that can be loaded on it. But this does not bother the rulers of the union and its owners. They already know what inventions and discoveries will be made in the future. They also know how much an electric car will cost in the future, because a painter must be able to afford it, who loads up stairs, brushes, paints, etc., and goes with a team to outfit someone’s apartment. Well, unless it turns out to be too heavy. Then such a painter, or an electrician with coils of cable, or a locksmith with a forged gate, etc., is loaded into the electric pekaes or the train. Instead, they will sneak past the diesel cough at night. Anyway, after 2035, old diesel will be as cold as coal now. We will clean up all the junkyards from Lisbon to Hanoi.

Of course, strong minds are leading the Federation towards a bright future, as it is now said that luxury cars for light countries such as Ferrari and Lamborghini will be excluded, there will be exceptions for trucks or vans. I see this as a great opportunity for our economy, because Poles full of cunning and ingenuity will find a way to register their cars as trucks. Just like in the 90s, when a grille was installed under the rear window and the passenger car was miraculously transformed into a delivery truck, Balcerowicz no longer charged for it. Worse with such obedient Germans or lazy French. And that’s fine, because they will stay at home.

Traveling by car will become a luxury unavailable to most people. Even presidents who are interested in big cars, that is, people who, unlike EU officials, have some ability to predict the future, have no doubts about it. Even in your field. BMW President Oliver Zipse spoke about this during his visit to the United States. There, on the occasion of the announcement of a new investment of $ 1.7 billion, he warned Americans about the “strict” application of the ban on the registration of combustion cars.

It is a free nation, so we offer choice, not restrictions

He told the Americans. According to him:

There is no indication that the internal combustion engine will become obsolete within 15 years

Renault CEO Luca de Meo had a similar opinion, stating at the Paris Motor Show that 8 years ago battery production costs were expected to drop dramatically within 5 years. Until today, nothing like this has happened. Over the past six months, cobalt prices have risen by as much as 100%. 80 percent of today’s battery price consists of raw material costs.

Carlos Tavares, the boss of a true giant, Stellantis is interested in the production of brands such as Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Citroen, Fiat, Chrysler, Opel, Peugeot.

If the middle class is deprived of freedom of movement, it will face serious social problems

– He said in Paris.

It is difficult to disagree with this, but the rulers of the Federation were deaf to the voices of reason. Maybe they want everyone to be polite at home. Why should they go around the world and pull their carbon footprint behind?

If specific visions seem funny, strange, absurd to someone, then for a thought experiment I propose to transfer your thoughts to 2010 and imagine that in 2022 the dear and enlightened authorities will explain to the Germans or Austrians how to survive the winter. Candles, coke ovens, and what to store in the event of a power outage for a few days. That the President of the Blessed Union herself teach her subjects how to wash their hands until there is enough water. Fortunately, we’ve had 2029 wash patterns for centuries. First in the bowl, the face, then the armpits, the rest, the body in strategic parts, then the legs, and finally the floor. Or that we don’t wash ourselves at all, something like the French.

But, but – when it comes to this reducing exhaust emissions by 55%. After 2030, high hopes can be placed in Germany. Perhaps they are again deceiving humanity and falsifying the exhaust emission results of their cars to meet strict standards.

Today we can laugh, but there are no jokes. He laughed through tears. This policy is leading to economic disaster and we are already suffering from its tragic consequences. One of them, among others, is crazy oil prices. There is little mention of it, but a decade’s frenetic climate policy has led to the abandonment of oil drilling investments. This becomes a very dangerous business. In the event that the Western world is not interested in Russian oil, the remaining countries, especially OPEC, are practically unable to increase supplies and replace Moscow with its own production. All because of the lack of investment in this sector. This is a situation similar to the situation in Poland, when the blocks of coal power plants are barely collapsing, because they were not invested precisely because they were supposed to cease to exist in the dreamed green world. In vain today, the Biden administration is pleading with the Saudis and is almost in danger of an economic war. This mine does not increase. They don’t want to, but they can’t either.

The second consequence, still little remembered today, is the dependence of the Big West on raw materials other than oil, gas or coal. It’s about the cobalt, lithium, and tungsten metals needed to produce the batteries for these clean, ecological and electrical talismans. Contrary to what the climate madman has been saying for 30 years, the number of potential oil reserves is still growing. With current extraction and consumption, Saudi Arabia has its underground reserves for more than 60 years, Iran for more than 120 years, and Venezuela with its largest deposits in the world for more than 300. Let the bright nation of Brussels now try to explain to the Venezuelans that, even if, God forbid, it will Democracy reigns in them, they will still sink into poverty, for something can build them what abundance will remain – as with the Arabs, underground forever.

New oil deposits are still being discovered, and this technology allows oil to be extracted from previously inaccessible or unusable places (such as fracking) more efficiently. The opposite is true today with lithium, cobalt, and tungsten. So far, in order to pursue crazy climate visions, tens of thousands of children in the Congo have mined cobalt with their own hands and a few dollars a day. They care nothing for Timmerman and the Union governors. Let’s give the kids bigger shovels, bigger sacks to carry more ore, because we should have eco-Europe in 2035. The bright and clean future of the West, which in my opinion won’t come true, is built on child forced labor and nobody in Brussels cares about that. They used to be enslaved there, they are not impressed. Where are all these environmental organizations of human rights and world rescue. Nobody gets stuck in the wagons that the rough kids push on the bridges. Cobalt and tungsten lithium reserves are not increasing. There are fewer and fewer of them. The West will become more dependent on scarce resources than on oil or gas, which are abundant in the world.

Today, Europe is entering an economic recession. Since 2008, like a drunken wall, she moves from one crisis to another. Nothing portends crazy policy changes. Show timid swallows, like Sweden’s new prime minister, Ulf Christerson, who announced that his country would not meet the EU’s green 2030 targets and abolished the Climate Ministry. It no longer exists after 35 years. However, the European Union does not change its course and Titanic is heading towards disaster at full speed. The only consolation may be that in the case, in its course, it will not continue. It’s time to prepare your lifeboats.

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