Accidents marked the Mexican Grand Prix.  Verstappen is the best, Perez drama

Max Verstappen wins the Mexican Grand Prix. The Formula 1 race at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez was marred by an accident, as Sergio Perez was involved in an accident after the start, while Kevin Magnussen was involved in a serious accident in the middle of the distance. The Dane even ended up in a medical center.

Lukas Kutzera

Accident after the start of the Mexican Grand Prix

PAP/EPA / PAP/EPA/Isaac Esquivel / Pictured: Accident after the start of the Mexican Grand Prix

Traditionally, the stands of the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez were filled with local fans hoping that Sergio Perez would win the Mexican Grand Prix. After an unsuccessful qualifier, the chances of that were slim, but the 33-year-old has had a great start. As it turns out, this was his undoing.

Approaching Turn 1, Sergio Perez was next to Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. Although the Monegasque driver started from pole position, he overslept at the start and was surrounded by Red Bull Racing drivers as he reached Turn 1. Leclerc had nowhere to escape and collided with Perez, who fell to the side of the road and caused serious damage to the car.

In the following laps, one might wonder how much problems the drivers might have with tire wear. Quite unexpectedly, Leclerc stayed on the track the longest, which would pay off at the end of the race. The Ferrari leader was succeeded by Carlos Sainz and Lewis Hamilton.

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Kevin Magnussen’s accident on lap 33 turned out to be decisive for the fate of the race. The Haas car suffered damage to its rear suspension system, which in turn led to it colliding with barriers at high speed. The need to repair the damaged panels forced the stewards to raise the red flag and boycott the Mexican Grand Prix.

The restart from the grid gave Leclerc the chance to get revenge on Verstappen. However, it soon became clear that Monaco had to look back, because Mercedes took a risk on tires and fitted Hamilton with medium tyres. The 38-year-old made use of his potential and after a few laps he overtook Leclerc on the hard rubber.

– We expect that within five laps the hard tires will become faster than the medium tires – informed Leclerc’s engineer, but nothing of the sort happened and the Maranello driver had to be content with third place in the Mexican Grand Prix.

Daniel Ricciardo also lost due to the red flag. The Alpha Tauri driver finished fifth, but had to start on the hard tires until the restart because he had no other tires at his disposal. In the end, the Australian finished seventh, but the 34-year-old scored his first points after returning to Formula 1.

Yuki Tsunoda had the chance to score a lot of points. The second AlphaTauri driver made an error when trying to pass Oscar Piastri, causing contact and falling at the end of the grid.

Formula 1 – Mexican Grand Prix – Race – Results:

POS. driver a team Wasting time
1. Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing 71 regions
2. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes +13.875
3. Charles Leclerc Ferrari +23.124
4. Carlos Sainz Ferrari +27.154
5. Lando Norris McLaren +33.266
6. George Russell Mercedes +41.020
7. Daniel Ricardo Alpha Tauri +41.570
8. Oscar Piastri McLaren +43.104
9. Alexander Albon Williams +48.573
10. Esteban Ocon Alps +1:02.879
11. Pierre Gasly Alps +1:06.208
12. Yuki Tsunoda Alpha Tauri +1:18.982
13. Nico Hulkenberg Haas +1:20.309
14. Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo +1:20.597
15. Guanyu Zhou Alfa Romeo +1:21.676
16. Logan Sargent Williams You are not finished
17. Lance outing Aston Martin You are not finished
18. Fernando Alonso Aston Martin You are not finished
19. Kevin Magnussen Haas You are not finished
20. Sergio Perez Red Bull Racing You are not finished

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