The Russians say that Krechowiak's agent is reacting.  Football "It's not right"

– I don’t know how it will end. For this day I have to go back to Russia And start preparing there. There are so many question marks that I don’t know now how it will turn out. I have different options, I’m talking to my agent and I know other clubs are calling. But here first, there are two parties who need consensus: Krasnodar and I – he said at the press conference Grzegorz Krychowiak about your future. To this end, he had to miss the last match against the UEFA Nations League Belgium (0: 1)

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Krishoviak will stay in Krasnodar. Speak to the agent

The Russian media was convinced for several days that this is not a temporary residence of a magnate in Krasnodar. They speculate that Grzegorz Krechowiak He will remain in Russia for at least one season. According to the portal, this information must also be confirmed by the dealer himself polishing Midfielder David Manasia.

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Krasnodar and Krechowiak are negotiating the termination of the contract? no. this is not true. Grzegorz resides in Krasnodar – it was supposed to say Manasya.

Grzegorz Krychowiak has already left from FK Krasnodar. He did this almost immediately after the armed attack by Ukraine. The Poles took advantage of FIFA’s decision to extend the transfer window and went on loan for three months to AEK Athens. The organization issued another statement on Tuesday (21 June).. Under it, foreign players associated with Russian clubs can suspend their contracts until the end of June 2023

In addition, he also argued about Krishoviak’s departure from Krasnodar Czeslav MichenewiczThe coach of the Polish national team. – There are many indications that Grzesiek will either resign this annual loan or simply terminate the contract by mutual agreement. He is a very important player for us. We talked about finding the club as quickly as possible. To go during the normal preparation period, because there will be no time to make up for it later – Uncover the team coach in the sports channel.

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