With such a squad, Poland will play the Netherlands.  Eight changes, Lewandowski off the Polish national team bench

Not for an hour, despite the pitch clock chimes this time, only for the first quarter of an hour. Pre-match training was open to journalists Poland national team on me the stadium Feyenoord in Rotterdam. It’s here on Saturday at 20.45 employees Czeslav Michenewicz You will play the third match in this edition The League of Nations – Her opponent will be the Netherlands, that is, after two matches, she leads Group A with full points.

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“No one from Bayern Munich called. Lewandowski didn’t mind.” Interview with Jacob Kwiatkowski

Bednarik resumes after the Belgium match. “I wish everyone stood in front of the mirror”

Our goal for the League of Nations was to stay in the first division [by to się udało, trzeba zająć przynajmniej trzecie miejsce]. We want to be among the 12 teamsthat play at this level. We’re going to achieve that goal. Czeslav Micniewicz argued on Friday that defeat against Belgium does not change anything.

But Lewandowski will sit on the bench?

Michniewicz appeared for training right after the press conference. In the company Robert LewandowskiWho walked with him for a long time on the field. Al-Mukhtar had revealed earlier, however, that Lewandowski would not be playing for Holland from the first minute. In the conference before training, he noted that there are also many indications that the captain will not even be on the bench for Saturday’s game.

Adam Buxa, who came out of his injury, will not be with us until the end of the training camp. However, if Arkadiusz Milik is ready to play against Holland, Robert will not be in the squad. We’ll make the final decision after Friday’s training. Michniewicz spoke at the conference.

Our findings show that Lewandowski will be sitting on the bench on Saturday. Krzysztof Piątek will take his place in attack from the first minute. This is one of eight changes compared to Wednesday’s match against Belgium. It is much easier to mention those who will not be affected by these changes – Bednarik, Zelensky, Gumny.

But the fact that there will be a lot of changes in Rotterdam on Saturday has been known for a long time. Practically from the beginning of the training camp, no one from the staff hid that it was a ceremonial event formation He is basically preparing for the last match in June in Warsaw, Tuesday’s match against Belgium

Michniewicz announces the changes. “I should see too”

After Wednesday’s defeat in Brussels, it could have been questioned if Mukhtar would change his plans and in Rotterdam to avoid another disgrace, he would choose a stronger team. And most importantly because that’s what the Dutch will play. They took turns in the last match against Wales (2:1) and now, for the match with Poland, they are preparing the best players.

Did the 1-1 defeat against Belgium change my approach to the match against the Netherlands? no. The selection is still ongoing, so those who were supposed to play will play. We have four matches and 13 training sessions left until the World Cup. After that, some of the young players who will participate in the world championship will only play a few matches in the national team. When are they supposed to play high, if not now? – Michniewicz asked on Friday.

– At the briefing on Friday, I told the players that everyone on the team today has a chance to go to the World Cup. However, we have to look for different solutions, because we do not know what will happen in five months. A person who will not play for the club will definitely not go to the World Championship. This could be an opportunity for a player who has played less in the national team so far. But I also have to see if this competitor is ready to take on the toughest challenges – Michniewicz explained.

Eusebius Smolarek during the training of the Polish national team in RotterdamThe first training of the Poles after the defeat. There was no Lewandowski, there was Smallark

This is how Poland will play the Netherlands

Micnikowicz announced earlier that he wants to give all goalkeepers a chance at training camp in June. He started with Camille Grabara in the match against Wales, then played Bartomig Drogowski against Belgium, and now it’s time for Lukas Skorobsky. – Are you worried about Skorupski? but what? That the spine wouldn’t stand bent on the ball after it conceded goals against the Netherlands? Relax, it will be fine. He’s an experienced goalkeeper – Mitchinewicz laughed after Thursday’s training.

These were compensatory categories for players who had not played against Belgium or had not played much the day before – they entered the field from the bench. The whole team trained on Friday. And if you are going to follow these activities, Michniewicz will focus from the first minute with Holland on the following composition:

  • Łukasz Skorupski – Mate Kasch, Jan Bednarek, Jacob Keiuer, Robert Jomny – Carol Linetti – Przemyslaw Frankowski, Mateusz Klich, Pyotr Zelensky, Nikola Zaloski – Krzysztof Petek

The match between Holland and Poland starts on Saturday at 20.45. Live coverage on Sport.pl and in the Sport.pl Live app.

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