Kamel Grosky surprises.  “The wife begged: Don’t do that!”

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Mateusz Squirawski

– I’m not offended, I’m doing my job on the field, but I see that I need the Polish national team, – Kamil Grosicki tells us after a series of very good matches for Bogo Szczecin.

Camille Groske “converts” the best numbers of his career this season. In the Ekstraklasa, he is fighting for the top scorer title – he is only two goals behind the leader. In addition to his 11 goals, Grosicki has added seven assists and is one of the best players in the Polish league. He tells us if it’s time to part with the national team he’s been with for over fifteen years. In June, the ward will celebrate its 35th birthday.

Grosicki played 88 times for the national team (17 goals) and played for the national team in four major tournaments. This season he is fighting with Pogoń Szczecin for a place on the podium. What then? The issue of a player’s future doesn’t have to be so obvious.

Camille Grosky: I have a little hoarse voice.

Mateusz Skwierawski, WP SportoweFakty: After Pogoń’s birthday?

We sing a lot. After the match against Stala Mielec (4: 2) it was necessary to relax a bit. We won spectacularly, in the stands, celebrating Pogoń’s 75th birthday. At midnight, fans set off flares and fireworks in the city. And we got two days off from the coach.

Watch the video: Send a clear message to Fernando Santos. “He is the pride of the league.”

But you never take a break from the good league games.

I’m glad my form translates into the team’s results. I put something on top, we record. I feel confident. It may be until the end of the season.

Your outside foot pass surprises your opponents.

That came naturally to me. In fact, in every league I’ve played in, I’ve made two assists after such plays. This season I had two “false” touchdowns, and two more scored nearly identical touchdowns. With Steele it was awhile. I saw Pontus Almqvist’s move and knew that if I played him on a free field, he would beat the defenders with his gas. I took advantage of his strengths and a beautiful job came out.

For the first time in your career, you are fighting for the top scorer title.

I’m not fighting because I don’t think about it at all. Of course, I saw the scorers’ rating, I’m two goals behind the leader, but so far I’m not in first place, so there’s nothing to light up. I’ve noticed that I’m better at not thinking about numbers.

Is that why you let your teammate take the second penalty kick in the last game?

Sebastian Kowalczyk really wanted a goal. The birth of his son was approaching, and he wanted to celebrate it festively. We’re buddies, I gave him the ball and he did his job – he made the lead. You also have to be friendly on the field.

Saba now has what I had when I was young. He aims to get as many assists and goals as possible. He couldn’t register recently and was a little nervous. He dreams of moving abroad and sometimes believes that only numbers will decide. I explain to him that coaches and scouts also look at other aspects: how many chances a player creates, how he moves, how he dribbles. Fortunately, since we’ve been playing together, Seiba has improved his stats quite a bit.

You also always focused on the numbers.

I still think about them to this day, but not so much anymore. I know that if I don’t take advantage of one situation, I can get another right away. I can forget about a missed opportunity and create another. I’m not greedy though.

But you still love big vibes. I refer to the penalty kick in the Lech Poznań match (2:2).

I’ve trained with a shot like this all season. I scored some goals against our goalkeepers. This goal tasted the best of Poznan. The whole crowd stadium, the match against Lech is important for Pogo. In addition, in front of me was Lech’s most ardent fan. The perfect time to do this.

But with Stal, you hit naturally to the side of the goal.

My wife begged me not to play “Panenka” anymore (a characteristic technique of taking a penalty kick, which consists in confusing the goalkeeper and a light technical shot into the middle of the goal. The name comes from the name of the author of the technique – Antonin Panenka). Lee repeats: “You will see, you will not succeed, Lech’s goal will be forgotten, and the fans will only laugh.” I listened to my wife.

Kamel Grosky with his wife Dominika

Will you leave the next bet for the national team?

I’m sure the light will be on at some point for me to repeat this shot, but you have to feel the right moment. You waste a punishment like that, the hate will be great.

You’re starting to celebrate goals in a certain way — you close your eyes and fold your hands as if you’re meditating. what is he talking about?

It is not a hidden message. Let’s say she calms down a bit – a moment of relaxation in the match.

Can a footballer who regularly scores in the Ekstraklasa expect to be called up for national team matches in June?

That’s my goal. I do everything to make it happen. I don’t babble, and I don’t say in the media that I’m upset that I wasn’t in the photo in March. Present the arguments on the field. I’m active in matches, I run a lot, the numbers show, I play 90 minutes. I’m ready to act.

You are often reminded that you turn 35 in June.

The team has always been important to me, and that’s why I don’t give up. We’ll see how selectors take it. He definitely has his own idea of ​​a team match and it’s up to him. I can only give signs that Kamil Grosicki has nothing to do with retirement just yet.

Coach Fernando Santos himself said that he is not looking at age, but at disposition on the field.

I am in favor of rejuvenating the national team and allowing young players to play in it, but after my level I see that the team needs me. I get nice messages from my teammates about my game, which – as you can see – don’t go unnoticed. Coach Santos has led great stars, as well as experienced players. I’ve had a nice phase with the national team, but I can still create some confusion by coming off the bench or starting a first-team game. I’m not afraid of competition.

What stage of your career would you compare your current shape to?

Maybe even play in England? There, the league itself, above all, the density was much higher. However, I feel the relaxation, the “flow”. Every game I have a chance to score a goal, I make a lot of chances for my teammates. Let’s not talk about Dorina in such a way that the first “waiter” we come across here is making a big fuss. I’ve seen quite a few planes that came to Poland a star, and finished their contracts faster.

Compared to foreign leagues, our league level is weaker, that’s right, but you also have to prove your strength. It’s not like I’m still scoring goals. I must put a lot of heart and energy into every work, because everyone wants to put me in his pocket.

It is said that competitors yell at you to slow down the wing.

They jokingly tell me to leave it, because how much you can run like that.

Before the World Cup, you thought it was time to retire from the national team.

Yes, I’ve been thinking about that. I gave myself time to test myself, I was in Qatar, against the background of the team I could compare if I was still fit. Now I’m in really good shape, so I’m still fighting. In March I was left out, but – as the coach said – the door is not closed to anyone and I am bound by it. And if I don’t get an appointment in June, I’ll think about what to do next.

Grossky (No. 11) in the Chile match before the Qatar World Cup

When it comes to the future, would you consider any movement from Szczecin?

I have a contract, but in football you never know.

It looked vague. You have a contract until June 2024 and the option to extend it for a further twelve months.

I feel happy in Pogo, I dream about the cup, this is my team. This season has eluded us, but we are fighting for a third medal in a row until the end. I try to enjoy what I have today, not worry about tomorrow. Now I only worry about one thing: getting my vote back for the next league game.

Interview by Mateusz Skwierawski, WP SportoweFakty

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