More than 200,000 new infections in France

The number of new infections for the second day in a row exceeds 200,000. It is also the largest number of daily infections in Europe since the beginning of the epidemic.

The day before, more than 208,000 people had been diagnosed in France. infections. More infections were reported in just 24 hours in the United States and India.

France’s seven-day moving average of infection is 122,566 – nearly four times what it was last month, and an average of 180 deaths. 465 people with coronavirus have been hospitalized in the past 24 hours. At the beginning of December, the total daily infections in the country were less than 50,000. – Remember Reuters.

According to government data, about 77 percent. The French population is now fully vaccinated, significantly reducing hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19.

France closed the English Channel

Britons living in the European Union have not been able to return home for several days because of the French authorities The English Channel is closed Connecting the European continent to Great Britain. The exception is the British residing in France.

The base was introduced as part of the French government’s fight against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, according to AFP. The blockade hit the British living on the European continent who left for Great Britain at Christmas.

“British nationals, unless they have French citizenship, are now considered third country nationals and cannot pass through France,” Eurotunnel, a subsidiary of the Getlink group that operates English Channel. She referred to the decision of the French authorities issued on December 28.

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