The pole was banned after 15 years of play.  Tibia developers removed the legendary player

Tibia remains popular among the dedicated community, although the recent actions of the CipSoft team may have caused quite a surprise among gamers. The developers have removed Leaver, one of the most popular users, from their servers. This decisive move may somehow confirm the numerous rumors about his unfair play.

Leaver is a true legend of Tibia, recognized as the best player in the world and achieved level 261 without leaving the starting position or choosing her class. This feat was supposed to take 15-16 years, but now MMORPG fans can start the game all over again, because the producer removed his account from the servers – The player received a permanent ban.

The incident resonated among the leg’s greatest freaks and sparked a number of comments about the reasons for such a straightforward decision. More and more talked about Leaver’s unique score and his possible use of the bot – this bot was supposed to automatically earn experience points, while the famous user did not have to worry so much about gameplay.

It is worth emphasizing that CipSoft did not mention the incident and did not explain why Leaver was banned, but it seems most likely that the developers found evidence of Pole fraud and decided to remove it from production. This strategy can deter others thirsting for high scores from being abused. At the same time, he suffered a similar fate to such daredevils from our country who were banned last month.

Tibia first appeared in 1997, but still has a large number of players who are ready to spend their free time on the servers. There has been a lot of talk lately about adding sound to the production and it was the way to celebrate the 25th anniversary by introducing “Tibia Anthem”.

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