A year into Las Vegas, Travis Cormier is enjoying his new life

Travis Cormier has been living in Las Vegas for over a year, where he performs several evenings a week. Nevertheless, his heart and his attachment are to Quebec and New Brunswick. Those who prepare new songs should come here soon to give performances.

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In the summer of 2022, Travis Cormier received a call from a former roommate he had lived with a few years earlier in California. “He asked me if I’d be interested in doing a musical about Meat Load. That evening, I got the material, and the next morning, I had an online audition in front of the producers. Two days later, I had a second audition, and two weeks later, I was in Las Vegas. It was so intense, everything happened so quickly, but I felt it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

The former finalist of La Voix found himself on stage as the main character of the show Bad Out of Hell, whose musical composition included the popular songs of the famous singer. But after a few months, the makers decided to stop the production. “I had a contract for a year, but they stopped the show last January. I soon had the opportunity to sing in another show called Raiding the Rock Vault, which covered rock classics, well-known songs from the 1970s and 1980s. I am currently acting in this show which is presented at Hard Rock Cafe. »

A new life
Travis Cormier really enjoys Las Vegas. “I love my life here because I love what I do. I’m happy to be able to work in my field. Vegas is a fun city, there’s a lot going on all the time. The people I work with are super cool. It’s weird, but every day I meet people from New Brunswick or Quebec. .There are still a lot of tourists here.

He loves the atmosphere and spirit of the West Coast, having already lived in Los Angeles. “Then I met my wife. It’s a very different feeling. I love this side of America. The weather is cool and always warm. I also have time to work on my songs. I’m so lucky to be here and I’m making the most of it.

Long distance love
Fun fact, while his girlfriend Fabiola lived in Los Angeles, he lived in Montreal. Now that he’s settled in Las Vegas, he’s in Quebec. “We see each other regularly; I go back and forth a lot. Fabiola sings in the Montreal Rhapsody Orchestra. She’s performing every week, she’s very busy, and we don’t want her to give up on her contracts. But we meet somewhere and plan something to be together.

Couples want to have children in the more or less distant future. “We’d love to be one day, but I’d say I’m not ready right now. We both have things to accomplish in our lives, but in a few years, I definitely want kids. It’s just not the right time.”

Photo: Karine Lévesque / TVA Publications

The new thirty
On September 26, Travis Cormier turns 30 years old. “It doesn’t change much. I feel like I’m 18 or 19 again. I’m doing what I love in life, I’m having fun and I’m enjoying it. I still feel immature for my age. I have a lot of friends who are starting to have kids and they’re more responsible, and I’m into music. I am doing.

He also utilizes his spare time to release new compositions on music platforms. “I recently went to Cleveland, Ohio to work on demos with some featured songwriters. Need to get to Nashville soon to write more. I want to make a new album and perform in Quebec next year.

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