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Janic Tremblay

Photo from Janic Tremblay’s Facebook page

Janic Tremblay

Slipping into the spot long occupied by Michel Désautels was a challenge. Janic Tremblay had the ability to do this with great composure by focusing on one thing: his talent. As for the designers, they had the smarts to make changes to the show without completely ruining the encounter. In short, after three months, the show All Terrain took his wandering path. To his guest, he is like a fish to water. Regardless of the nature of the subjects, Tremblay conducts his interviews brilliantly. Correspondents at home make eye-popping reports without much ado. I loved Jean-Sébastien Bernadches’ presentation of the Parti Québécois’ 1973 1st year budget last Sunday. We need more of these returns over time. I was a believer Desautels on SundayI am now All Terrain. Michel Désautels will forgive me, I’m sure!

All TerrainSunday 10am, ICI Premiere

Secrets of success

Well, about precisely All Terrain, The presenter caught my attention on a radio series titled Hits of my life. How does a song become a hit? You will say that the answer to this question is no. You are right. But a French cultural group still submitted it to authors, composers and artists such as Julien Clerc, Alain Souchon and Bernard Lavilliers. These tell the story of the songs that crossed the airwaves and stuck in people’s ears. If you love the song, you’ll enjoy these four 60-minute episodes starring Jerome Chandler and Agnes Catho.

Anglo music on the radio

I admit that I am often skeptical when I listen to some of the commercial music radio stations in Montreal and find a staggering number of songs in English. Frankly, I find it hard to believe that these radio stations respect the CRTC-imposed quotas (last December, the CRTC mandated 65% French-speaking music, including 55% in primetime and 35% Canadian music). This cannot be understood. However, I was told that the CRTC has all the verification tools to detect faulty radio stations. There are quotas, but there is also a culture and spirit that reigns within the groups of these radio stations. It is clear that references to animators and collaborators mainly revolve around English-speaking artists. The other day, a radio group proposed a music game. All questions are focused on English speaking artists. What to do, suffering?

5e QUB Radio Anniversary

Photo by Martin Tremblay, Archives Law Press

“But QUB also produces quality documentaries including The Repo des HellsConducted in collaboration with journalists from the Quebecor Bureau of Investigation,” says Mario Girard.

QUB Radio is five years old! This digital radio station has built its reputation on creating podcasts. Even the Daily Shows are designed to be exploitative and fragmented (some more than others) in the form of podcast interviews. bustle In social networks. But it also produces quality documentary series including QUB The Repo des HellsProduced in collaboration with journalists from the Bureau of Investigation Quebecor and the second season This is just a theory, which plunges us into the madness of conspiracies with Alexandre Moranville-Oullet. You can’t see your hours on the treadmill.

Keep it for us

Photo by Alain Roberge, La Presse Archives

Étienne Côté… or light

What a good idea Monique Giroux had to entrust the young creator with the risky task of creating a sequel to a well-known song. This new monthly segment, called Keep it for usDuring the October 22 broadcast, Lumiere (Étienne Côté) allowed us to imagine what the song would become today. I feel good of the Plamondon-Cousineau-Dufresne trio. In the beginning Free songs, the host paid tribute to Guy Latravers, who suffered from mental health issues for a good part of his life. Incidentally, Lumière rereads Plamondon’s text, and we realize that Lautravers is in it. The cold soon came.

“I feel good, I feel good, I feel good… well bad/I went out to buy bread, I was so ugly/Chu came back, I changed my clothes from head to toe/There’s really nothing I can do/My whole drawers I have emptied it”

Free songsSunday, 4 p.m., here’s the music

Briggs Guy-Maffett

The winners of the Prix du Québec were announced and Michel Delorme was named best radio personality Guy-Maffett. Michel Delorme, a pioneer of participatory radio, encouraged the creation of many stations in the French-speaking world. For about twenty years, he created interim radio stations in about a hundred schools. He was the instigator of the first Canadian radio station dedicated to youth, 1670 AM, and the World Radio Summit. In 1988, he was given the presidency of the World Association of Community Radio Craftsmen. It’s a fitting tribute!

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