Quebec will celebrate Carl Tremblay with a national tribute

A national memorial service is being held for Tuesday for Cowboys Fringe singer Carl Tremblay, who died last week. It will be held at the Bell Center in Montreal, Prime Minister Francois Legault’s office announced Wednesday.

A limited number of passes will be issued to the general public from 10am on Thursday.

The Quebec flag flying on the central tower of the Parliament building will also be flown at half-mast from dawn to dusk.

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, this national commemoration event is equivalent to a national funeral, but without the religious dimension.

In a press release, Mr. Legault emphasized that the death of Carl Tremblay sent shock waves throughout Quebec. “In agreement with his partner Marie-Annique and all his loved ones, the nation of Quebec will pay a national tribute to this artist so loved by Quebecers and to the great legacy he left in our culture.”

At the end of the cabinet meeting, Culture Minister Mathieu Lacombe confirmed that the singer’s family had chosen a secular ceremony over a religious funeral. “We’re talking about the ceremony, but it’s just as important. Then, it’s interesting to me that it’s being done at the Bell Center, which means the public can also participate in it. »

This event will be comforting in the environment where bad news is piling up, said Mr. Lacombe believes. “The message is not easy right now,” he said. I find that Quebecers don’t always have it easy, so to be able to enjoy this together and then to put something beautiful around it…”

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