War in Ukraine.  Analysts: Russia is preparing to change its strategy

The latest US Institute for the Study of War (ISW) report on the war in Ukraine presents the situation on the front as stable. Neither side has achieved any major successes in recent days.

The main actions of the Russian troops It is concentrated near Donetsk and does not achieve the results expected from Moscow. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian counteroffensive is progressing slowly. Although the regional changes are not significant, there are many indicators of this Russia is preparing to increase air attacksAnd testing new equipment during the bombing of Ukrainian cities.

War in Ukraine. Fierce fighting near Donetsk

According to the US ISW, Ukrainian forces likely repelled another Russian attack near Avdiivka and inflicted heavy losses in personnel and equipment on Russian forces in the area.

Avdiivka is considered a major target for the Russian army due to its strategic importance. The city is about 20 km away Donetsk, which is the logistical center for Russian activities in Ukraine. Control of Avdiivka allows the Ukrainians to continuously supervise Donetsk and fire on the military infrastructure located there without having to use specialized equipment.

The Russian capture of Avdiivka means that Donetsk will no longer remain a front city, but merely a base for military operations..

The Russians launched an intense attack on the region on October 10. However, the city has been their target since the beginning of the February 2022 invasion. So far, Russian forces have managed to advance only a few kilometres. Part of the front has been in the same place since 2014, when a breakaway republic was established in Donetsk.

The Ukrainian military reported that the intensity of attacks decreased after October 19, when Russian forces were said to have lost 900 soldiers, 50 tanks and 100 armored vehicles in one day.

Despite the failures so far, ISW analysts say so Russia does not intend to abandon its offensive. The leadership treats it as a priority, which is confirmed by subsequent attack attempts, despite the increasing losses.

The Ukrainian forces are counterattacking

While Russian forces try to seize Avdiivka, Ukrainian forces continue their counteroffensive near Bakhmut and in the western part of the Zaporizhzhya region. These measures come within the framework of the counterattack that began last June, which has not yet achieved any amazing successes.

In contrast, in the southern part of the country, near Kherson, the Ukrainians are trying to maintain their newly acquired positions on the eastern bank of the Dnieper. Despite artillery and air attacks, Ukrainian forces were able to adequately supply and reinforce their forces, and the Russians failed to regain control of the lost territory.

Institute for War Studies: Russia is preparing to intensify air attacks

In the latest report, the World War Institute also reported that Russian forces are using more and more weapons during attacks on Ukrainian cities New missiles, bombs and drones. This was confirmed by representatives of the Ukrainian army.

Russia’s goal is likely to find loopholes in Ukrainian air defense In preparation for intensified attacks in the winter.

Source: Institute for the Study of War (ISW)

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