A woman has accused the twins’ Laurent Bourgeois of fathering their 37 children and abandoning them.

Laurent Bourgeois, one of the duo and former master of the show revolution Aired on TVA, he finds himself at the center of a controversy after being accused via TikTok of fathering 37 children, all of whom he apparently abandoned.

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The dancer is well known for her recent performance Beyoncé, who recently broke his silence in an Instagram Live posted on November 5, denying the allegations. He called the allegations “ridiculous” and strongly encouraged the accused to “find another target”.

In the video, the 34-year-old responded confidently: “My figure is very clean… and if you see my 37 children, tell them I love them so much.” If they need daddy, I’m here.

Laurent has chosen to defend his integrity and categorically denies the allegations against him. He was quick to express his desire not to let these allegations tarnish his image:

“Give the names of the mothers of the children. where are they I have to see the children. I want to see what they look like, but you have to understand – let’s make 10 children. It’s a lot! 37?!… you’re crazy. That’s when I realized the world is crazy. Now I understand why people and great artists talk less online,” he said.

Additionally, according to the site VibrationThe woman in question claims to be pregnant with one of the twins, but is said to be uncertain about the father’s identity, as identical twins switch places during their outings, thus dating multiple women at once. Larry BourgeoisHowever, for its part, it did not comment on the situation.

The story has been making waves on the Internet for weeks, especially in France.

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