Movies to watch in June

What movies should I watch in June? Read the recommendations of Marc-André Lussier.

Released at 4:00 pm yesterday.

Jurassic World – Dominance: June 10

This year, next year, we are presented with the sixth film of the rights to celebrate the 30the Anniversary of the publication Jurassic Park, Directed by Steven Spielberg. The uniqueness of Jurassic World Dominion Chris Pratt and Price Dallas Howard will be in the previous Opus, but in particular Sam Neil, Laura Tern and Jeff Goldblum are reuniting. These translators of the first hour take on characters who don’t really see all three together The Lost World: Jurassic ParkIn 1997 Jurassic World Dominion Presented by Colin Trevoro, signed in 2015 Jurassic World.

No chicken in my cabin: June 10

For his first feature, Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers has already noticed thanks to his short films (Only you and me Awarded in Berlin in 2019 and won the Iris Award for Best Short Film at Quebec Cinema the following year), which presents a youth comedy whose protagonists are teenagers. Tired of the tense situation at home at times, the 12-year-old girl (Charlotte Saint-Martin) hopes for the divorce of her parents (Isabelle Place and Pierre-Luke Brilliant) and is confident that she will be happy. But what if Dad and Mom have no intention of splitting up? Co-written by Maryse Latendresse and filmmaker, No chicken in my cabin Quebec cinema is clearly designed for a seldom-attracted younger audience.

Arsenal and son: June 17

After retiring from cinema for eight years, he directed several TV series (Blue moon, Fodel-station, Fractures And some), Raphael Olet (Truck) Presents a film for which he also signed the screenplay. Set in a garage run by a family with a bad name, the thriller brings together top actors including filmmaker Guillois Zaire, Luke Picard, Karen Vanas, Michelin Lancott, Pierre-Paul Alain and Julian Pauline. “We want to create something that can be viewed, liked and shared,” said Rafael Ollet. Press During the shooting. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself, but I still know itArsenal and son Reflects on another step in my cinematography. ⁇

Cha Sa Real Smooth: On Apple TV + on June 17th

Should we expect a fate similar to the fate for this second film of Cooper Riff? Koda ? Online TV broadcaster Apple TV +, led by Re-creation AmericanAries familyUntil the Oscars for Best Picture this year, the exploitation rights were won Cha Cha is really soft, Winner of the public prize at the Sundance Festival, $ 15 million. Starring screenwriter and director Dakota Johnson, the comedy describes the special relationship that develops between a young man who is famous for entertaining at Bar Mitswa festivals and the mother of an autistic young woman.

The Story of Love and Desire: June 17

Released at the Cannes Film Festival last year and presented at Critics’ Week, Leyla Bouzid’s second film, describes the growing relationship between a young Frenchman of Arab descent (Sami Outalpali), who knows nothing about Algeria, and a young Tunisian (Zbeida Belhajamor) recently in France. He left his country. Aside from ignoring the clichs associated with North African culture, the director wanted to take a different look at body love. “The whole history of the male vision art in the female body. But the female vision placed on the male body is missing. Through this film, I wanted to offer something that should be a song for bodily desire, a call for love,” he explains.

Light Year: June 22

In this new movie produced by Picture Studios, we tell the story of the character who inspired the doll in different versions. Toy story. The famous astronaut, trapped on an enemy planet 4.2 million light-years from Earth, must find his way home through space and time. It should be noted that in Quebec, the film has the same title as the original version. Toy story, Whose dubbing was made in our lands, the character’s name is always Buzz Lightyear (in French, he is called Buzz l’Éclair – hence the title difference). Chris Evans gives voice to the character in the original version.

Elvis: June 24

Baz Luhrmann, recognized for his magnificent images (Content Red Mill), Has now introduced a portrait of the famous translator of Blue suede shoes At the Cannes Film Festival. At the center of the story is the complex relationship between the star played by Tom Hanks and his Impressorio Colonel Parker. In the background, the rise of an icon at a time when American society is in turmoil. Austin Butler, who inherited the role of King, his first major film role. Kelvin Harrison Jr. also plays PB King, while Cody Schmidt-McPhee plays him. The power of the dog Surprisingly, he gave his features to folk singer Jimmy Rodgers.

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