Calling our feminist artists

What is happening in Iran is shocking.

On Instagram yesterday, Iranian director Asghar Farhadi took home two Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film. A separation (in 2011) and Traveling salesman (in 2016), praised “courageous women leading the struggle for their rights”.

He then called on “artists, filmmakers, intellectuals” from around the world to “show solidarity with the powerful and courageous women and men of Iran by making videos, writing speeches or in any other way”.

I wonder who will be the first “artist, filmmaker, intellectual” to answer his call from Quebec.

So where are you?

While Farhadi pays tribute to the “brave women who are leading the protests” in her video, “the government is simply demanding basic rights that have been taken away for years,” it seems to me that interests must fall. Our “artists, filmmakers and intellectuals”.

In general, Quebec has a large number of artists, filmmakers, intellectuals who declare themselves “solidarity” and “feminists”, always defending a cause, sharing a #hashtag, changing their profile picture, signing a petition, wearing a felt square or a colored ribbon. .

Quickly and quickly, as it were, from memory, I can give you many names … and the list is not exhaustive.

Concerned about the fate of women, Emilie Bilodeau denounced a festival that had only male groups.

By Anas Barbeau-Lavalette Leaky girl And forest girlWho is the founder of Mères au front and published the children’s album “Forgotten Women in the History of Quebec”.

Lawrence Nerbone announced Elle Quebec “We will come to the tie when it is Home bands Totally feminine.

Kim Levesque Lizotte wrote the series under the name of feminist Simone de Beauvoir. Simmons.

Xavier Dolan once told a French magazine: “I feel a natural affinity for characters who are in the same situation as me. Women are like gay men, trying to fit into a society made for straight men, no matter what… I mean, no matter how much progress we seem to have to make… [la société] Still defined by male dominance”.

Constantly talking about toxic masculinity, Penelope McQuade is careful to talk about “those with wombs” to ensure solidarity with gender minorities.

In short, we are not short of solidarity and feminist artists in Quebec. It’s raining!

You’ll find dozens of men and women ready to come to your show to open the UDA directory to any page, defend and condemn inclusive writing. HumanityThe Human spreadEducating us about the hypersexualization of young women or the reality of menstruating women.

A bitter question

To paraphrase Louis Morissette’s famous phrase about the Medicago vaccine, I’d like to ask: “Is a feminist-solidarity-pro-Iranian rally of Quebec artists coming soon? I’m asking a friend.”

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