Alaska.  Skating like on a glass surface.  registration

Lakes in Alaska are covered in sheets of ice that look like glass. This phenomenon occurs when the beginning of winter is very cold but also dry. This encouraged residents of the nearby city of Anchorage to strap on snowshoes and skate on the frozen surface.

At the end of October, residents of Anchorage, Alaska, enjoyed an unusual sight. Some nearby lakes froze over in an unusual way – the ice was actually completely transparent, so the rocks covering the bottoms of the reservoirs could be seen through its thick layer. Some lakes, including Rabbit Lake east of the city, were suitable for skiing.

“ice window”

As rescue instructor Luke Meehl, who specializes in broken ice operations, told Reuters, the “ice window” effect only appears once a decade. This occurs when the first frost is particularly severe, but the weather is snowless and dry.

These lakes are usually covered with snow before the water freezes. I’ve been skiing here for about 12 years and have never seen anything like this. He said these were very unusual circumstances.

Meehl’s video shows people skating on a frozen, translucent lake. The instructor admitted that the view of the completely devoid of vegetation and absolutely clean bottom was amazing. However, before anyone climbed onto the frozen surface, it was necessary to check whether it would be safe to drive on it.

– We test the strength of the ice before we step on it. I walked around the entire perimeter of the lake, to check its strength, and it was at least 10cm thick everywhere. This means the ice is strong and suitable for skating, Meehl explained.

Main image source: Reuters/Look Mail

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