Do you remember Cassia from the movie "Dad"?  Aleksandra Maliszewska is giving up acting for good.  Today he does something else

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film The movie “Dad” was first shown in 1995. He played the main role in it Bogoslav Linda. Alexandra Maliszewska played his daughter on the screen. The young actress achieved good success on the screen and it seemed that the world of cinema was open to her. However, the woman gave up appearing on the silver screen. It turns out that Alexandra Maliszewska chose a slightly different career path. However, it is still associated with the scene.

Once upon a time they did not know what class and style. Thank God time has changed them

Alexandra Maliszewska played Kasia in the movie “Dad”. What are you doing today?

After two years of well-received performance film “Dad”, Maliszewska appeared in the image of “Sarah”. She also played a small role in a movie “Outpost Thirteen”. In 1999, she appeared in the children’s TV show “Pearls of Happiness Do Not Give”. Then she retired from acting for many years. The actress appeared on the screen several times, however, these were not significant roles. From her profile on, we can learn that in 2013 she took part in the school study “Złota Rybka”, while three Years later, she created a characterization for the piece “Czarnowidzka”. She also appeared in the 1887 episode “Colors of Happiness”She played the role of a cleaning lady. However, this is not confirmed information. Alexandra Mallisowska may be wearing makeup right now. A woman with these characters works in the Musical Theater “Rome” and the Viberse Theatre.

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