Windmills from China are subject to censorship.  The European Commission has initiated proceedings

Vestager announced a new investigation during her visit to the United States, where on Tuesday the European Commission vice president gave a lecture at Princeton University. “Europe and the United States, each in its own way, depend on third countries to obtain critical technologies and the raw materials needed to produce them. In this area, China has built a strong position without always playing fair” – She said.

The European Commission deals with China. This includes: About wind turbines

The European Commission's Vice-President, responsible for competition, called on the G7 countries to introduce “credibility standards” for producers of biotechnologies (the European Commission includes advanced semiconductors, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies and biotechnologies). It will include standards Carbon footprint, corporate compliance with employee rights, cybersecurity and data security. According to Vestager, “credibility criteria” will be used, for example, as non-price criteria in tenders.

Vestager pointed to solar panels as an example of Chinese dominance achieved “entirely insincerely.” According to her, in the first step, China attracted foreign investment to its large domestic market, in the second step – acquired technologies, and in the third step – granted huge subsidies to domestic producers, gradually closing the domestic market to foreign businessmen. . Therefore, China is today able to export surpluses to the rest of the world at low prices.

“as a result of Currently less than 3 percent of solar panels installed in the EU are manufactured in Europe“We cannot afford to repeat what happened with solar panels in the case of electric cars, wind farms or basic chips,” said Vestager.

The European Commission has initiated action on wind turbines from China. This is another step of this kind – previously, similar actions were initiated, among others, for photovoltaic panels.123RF/pixel

Cases against China over solar panels, trains and electric cars

We are launching a new investigation into Chinese wind turbine suppliers. “We are studying the conditions for developing wind parks in Spain, Greece, France, Romania and Bulgaria,” Vestager said.

The measures were announced on Tuesday by the Vice-President of the European Commission It is the third launched under the Foreign Support Regulation in place since July 2023 – all three were launched against China. Brussels used the new regulation for the first time in February 2024. Towards the Chinese train manufacturerWho participated in the tender in Bulgaria. The procedures began a week ago Towards Chinese PV producers Participation in tender in Romania.

It also leads the European Commission Actions against electric cars from ChinaHowever, it uses a different path – the anti-support action.

The Financial Times recently pointed out that other legal methods, unlike the new regulation, are less effective. First, the procedures set out in the regulation are faster – Brussels has 110 days to make a decision. Second, the European Commission can request a wide range of data from the company under investigation – regarding, for example, loans from state-owned or state-run banks, export credit guarantees and sales to or from their national governments.

The newspaper hypothesizes that this may be the reason why the Chinese train manufacturer withdrew from the tender in Bulgaria after the European Commission launched an investigation under the new regulation.

Acoustic screens made from shovels. Polish idea for recycling wind turbinesPolsat News


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