The Milky Way's black hole currently contains very little material.  what does that mean?

The Milky Way, like many other galaxies, has a massive black hole at its center. this Sagittarius A* Having approximately 4.31 million solar masses. It is a real giant, and fortunately, it is located far from us, because in… The distance is about 26 thousand light years from Earth. A team of scientists conducted new research that revealed more secrets of the body.

Some time ago, research appeared that showed that Sagittarius A* rotates at almost maximum speed. But new analyzes suggest so This is done at a rate of approximately 60 percent. This speed.

Scientists point out that when you look at the black hole from above (which we cannot do in the case of Sagittarius A*), you see a circle. But from the side, the curve looks more like a football.

The research was conducted by a team from Pennsylvania State University. The analyzes used, among other things, data collected by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Black holes absorb matter from nearby objects, and Sagittarius A* does the same. This eventually leads to the formation of jets that the body throws in two directions.

I'm a Sagittarius A* There is currently a little “fuel” nearby. Makes it so The activity is in the form of ejecting jets of matter in the case of “our” black hole, small It is relatively small. Of course, this will not always be the case, because if there are other objects nearby that are torn apart and absorbed, this will eject larger jets again. Scientists say more research is needed to examine Sagittarius A* more comprehensively.


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