A serious concern for the United States and Europe.  Putin’s plans came to light – o2

According to Bloomberg, Russia may decide to establish a naval base in eastern Libya. This would give it access to the Mediterranean Sea, and thus to the southern part of Europe.

According to agency sources, Putin and Haftar were already making arrangements at the end of September Terms of the military agreement.

Such a step by Putin constitutes another cause for concern not only for Europe, but also for the United States. Jonathan Weiner, the former US State Department special envoy to Libya, said this must stop.

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The Wagner Group has worked in North Africa for many years. After the death of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the organization’s bases will be seized and modernized so that the Russian army can be stationed there.

According to other sources, Russian warships may soon be granted permanent berthing rights in a Libyan port – most likely in Tobruk. Haftar reportedly expects air defense systems in return, as well as training for his pilots and special forces.

Vladimir Putin is also looking for a way to establish a base in Sudan. This would give Russia access to the Suez Canal, the Indian Ocean, and the Arabian Peninsula, although civil conflict in that country might thwart these plans.

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