Silent Hill 2 remake in Poland.  We know the price of the physical copy

In recent days, you may have come across interesting information from foreign stores, because apparently Konami has sent initial details about Silent Hill 2 Remake to companies. Details have arrived in Poland, so we know the price of the physical copy.

Silent Hill 2 Remake was announced last year, and a few months ago there was positive information from the Bloober team – the company was putting the finishing touches on production and taking care of the final touches.

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We still don’t know the final release date for Silent Hill 2 Remake, and we can safely assume that production will only debut next year, but the first stores are starting to collect pre-release orders.

This is a good sign, because Konami is clearly preparing to make specific announcements. Will we find out the release date at The Game Awards? I won’t be particularly surprised when the company shows off the title at the end of the year and officially confirms the release date.

RTV Euro AGD has added Silent Hill 2 Remake to its offering, and although the details include a “December 31, 2024” release date, we can safely assume it’s a classic placeholder.

However, it is worth paying attention to the price – Silent Hill 2 Remake can be purchased in Poland for PLN 319.

There was mention of a Polish translation in the details, However, it is not particularly surprising, because this information has already appeared on Steam earlier. Will you buy Silent Hill 2 Remake at premiere?

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