A new level of communication.  The innovative sensor combines classics and progress

We read about the details of the experiments conducted in the following pages Applied Physics Letters. According to members of the research team, the innovative antenna, which features increased sensitivity, is also very versatile. For this reason, it can be used, among other things, in defense and satellite communications.

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The effectiveness of the proposed solution was proven by the results of experiments in which a small glass lamp equipped with laser beams was moved away from the receivers. The new sensor is based on atoms in the so-called Rydberg state. It is this aspect that makes us talk about a potentially pioneering technology, characterized by sensitivity and compactness.

As an example of its use, scientists cite a case in which soldiers on the battlefield were able to communicate using a single sensor, and not – as is currently the case – using multiple antennas adapted to different frequency bands. In addition, the increased sensitivity and accuracy of these sensors should allow the detection of a wider range of signals. The need to implement multiple sensors has so far been a major problem for satellite technologies.

The sensor using Rydberg state atoms should be useful, among other things, in space and military communications

The list of benefits turns out to be longer, because it includes an important aspect: not having to use metals. While commonly used sensors contain metal elements (potentially disturbing the RF field), this case is completely different. In other words, a device using atoms in the Rydberg State relies on a laser beam to operate, which in turn means no need to use electrical cables.

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To date, in the course of the experiments conducted, it has been possible to confirm the effectiveness of the described technology at a distance of 30 meters. In the future, these distances will of course increase, and scientists are already talking about a possible revolution, which must first come out of the laboratory walls. We can only wait for further reports from members of the research team.

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