April 1, 2023


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They left school to fight for their country. They never went back to college, they died in the war

36 Ukrainian students dropped out of school to fight a Russian aggressor. They paid the ultimate price for defending their homeland – they lost their lives. Now, an exhibition dedicated to their memory is starting at the Catholic University of Lublin.

On Wednesday (March 15) the exhibition “Unissued Certificates” opens at the Catholic University of Lublin, dedicated to Ukrainian students who died in the war. Previously, Vernissage was offered at more than 45 universities, including in Japan, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, USA and India.

As the organizers emphasize, the aim of the initiative is to honor the memory of the students who sacrificed their lives for their homeland, as well as to show the university community that education in itself is a gift.

– Diplomas contain photos and personal stories of students. They were young people of 17, 20, 22 years old, whose whole lives and dreams were waiting for them. The heart moves through the image of each of them. This is a laughing girl accompanied by two children, a boy in uniform who wanted to fight for freedom, musically talented Anna, who was killed by Russians on the pier on March 9, 2022 near Chernyshov. The war took away their freedom, and death ended everything, – says Monica Stojewska, deputy spokesperson for the Catholic University of Lublin.

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