A new, heavier species of snake has been discovered.  It is seven meters long and surprisingly heavy

The green anaconda, also known as the boa species, is the main inhabitant of South America. It reaches a length of 7 meters and weighs up to 250 kg. Scientists have surprised the scientific world by discovering that there is not only one but… There are two species of this giant snake, although they both look almost identical.

Brian J. said: “It was a surprise, but in hindsight it wasn't meant to be,” Fry, a professor of toxicology at the University of Queensland and a researcher on the project, told Newsweek.

– Notice.

Fry was amazed at how genetically different the two species were, even though their outward appearance was identical. They differ by up to 5.5%, while the difference between humans and chimpanzees is only 2%. Furthermore, scientists have shown that these two species of green anacondas diverged approximately 10 million years ago.

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