Peskov comments on the situation in Moldova and Transnistria

During a conference call with reporters on Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that “the situation in Transnistria is the subject of our greatest concern and the cause of our concern.” Peskov also stated that the situation was “a provocation from outside” and warned of possible “provocations” from Kiev and European countries.

For a long time, Russian propaganda has been trying to inflame the situation around Transnistria – a region that formally belongs to Moldova, but is actually controlled by pro-Russian separatists. And the tension increased due to the fact that Russian troops were stationed there.

As the Russian state newspapers wrote, the escalation of the situation around Transnistria would be beneficial for both the Ukrainian Armed Forces and pro-Romanian and NATO Moldovan officials.

The situation in Moldova

Tensions have been running high in Moldova for several weeks. The country’s president, Maia Sandhu, has accused Russia of using “saboteurs” to foment unrest during a period of political instability.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has falsely accused Kiev of planning an attack on pro-Russian territory in Moldova, where Moscow has a military outpost.

– The Russians spread information that Ukraine intends to enter the territory of Transnistria. We value the independence of other countries. Transnistria is Moldova. Russia is provoking us to enter the legal territory of Moldova. The Ukrainian president, in response to the Kremlin’s accusations during his press conference on the anniversary of the start of the war, said that it is Russia that can invade us from the territory of Transnistria.

Zelensky emphasized that Ukraine respects Moldova’s sovereignty, unlike Russia, whose missiles have already violated Moldovan airspace several times.

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