We must follow the example of Poland and Hungary

The Netherlands must take a tougher stance in the European Union, just like Poland and Hungary, Peter Omtsigt, leader of the New Social Contract party, said on Sunday. The Umzigt party has a chance to win the parliamentary elections scheduled for Wednesday.

Umtzigt He is the most popular Dutch politician. He recently founded his own party, which opinion polls indicate has a chance of winning Wednesday’s elections. During the National Security Council leaders’ discussion on Sunday, he said that regarding the admission of new EU members, including Ukraine, there should be a referendum.

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“A radical change for the union”

According to Umtzigt, Ukraine’s accession will take a long time, but if it is finally proposed, a referendum would be necessary “because it will radically change the European Union.”

At the same time, he also spoke in favor of leaving out the possibility of the Netherlands not participating in new European regulations, for example on immigration.

Andrej Pawlusek from Amsterdam (PAP)

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