A new academy is being created for Mr. Clix!  They are looking for actors in Kalisz

The first film adaptation of “Akademia Pana Kleksa” by Jan Brzechwa was made in 1983 and is probably the most popular children’s and teen movie. The fairy tale world of Mr. Klicks, Adam Nezgodka, Dr. Pag Chi Wu or Gularza was drawn to the plot and special effects, and the dialogues and songs from the film have been permanently recorded in Polish pop culture, enough to mention a song about Kaczyk Dziwachka.

Now, 40 years later, a new version of the film will be created, directed by Marek Kaulsky, the creator of such works as “365 Days”, “The Underdog” and “How I Became a Man”.

What you have to bet on today is history. Today, a child needs a coherent story, but more than that. Being, something to do with it, something to work between titles, between episodes. A world that would be something more they could look at, something that wouldn’t be in the frames of the movie, but that viewer would be able to talk about. Like in the game, you haven’t reached the final stage yet, but you know it’s there – says director Marek Kaulsky.

Part of the film will be shot abroad, perhaps in exotic countries, and partly also in Poland, in Katowice. The first castings have begun in Katowice, but now is the time for Kalish.

Castings will take place on July 2 from 10.00 to 18.00 at State Music School in Plac Jana Pawła II 9. They are looking for children aged 7-11 and adults aged 18-40. You do not need experience in theater, people of different nationalities are welcome. Already during the casting, those who are ready will be able to impersonate characters from various fairy tales. To participate in the casting, you need to register by email: [email protected]. In the application, you must provide your first name, surname, age, phone number, and submit a current photo of your face and silhouette, without any filters or accompanying people. The email address should be with the annotation KALISZ.

IG / Kawulski photo, from left Piotr Fronczewski, Maciej Kawulski and Tomasz Kot

He played the iconic role of Ambroże Kleks Piotr Fronczewski. The director revealed the name of the new Mr. Clix. It will be Tomasz Kot, the actor who was once associated with Teatr im. Bogusławski in Kalisz. Piotr Fronczewski will also appear in the film, but in a cameo role as a guest.

The film’s producers believe Jan Brzechwa’s story and the world he created is so engaging and engaging that a modern adaptation could rival the saga of the Harry Potter films.

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