"Friends" lovers are in mourning.  James Michael Tyler Matt - O2

As his manager reported, “Tyler died peacefully at his home in Los Angeles.” He was married to Jennifer Karnot. “If you met him once, you made a friend for life,” the actor’s director said goodbye.

For 3 years he was fighting cancer

In 2018, Tyler was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer that later spread to the bones. The actor wanted to help as many people as possible and began to speak out loud about his illness.

James Michael Tyler has starred in more than a dozen films and series, but his most notable role is that of the series Friends. There he played Gunther – the manager of the Central Burke cafe who was a fan of Rachel, one of the main characters in the series played by Jennifer Aniston.

The world recognized him as the seventh friend.

Tyler has played for over 10 years on the series, appearing in 148 out of 236 episodes, making him the most frequent supporting actor in a sitcom. And although he was not one of six friends, he is very loved by fans.


His manager said the world knew him as Gunther (Seventh Friend)…but Michael’s loved ones knew him as an actor, musician, cancer awareness advocate and loving husband.

Recently, Tyler participated in the filming of a special episode of “Friends: Reunion” which aired in May. The actor said that his role in the series “Friends” was “the most memorable 10 years of his life.”

He said I could not have imagined a better experience.


Fans pay tribute to the deceased actor

Warner Bros. points out. Television, one of the sitcom’s co-producers, noted that Tyler was “a beloved actor and an integral part of our family of friends.” Many fans of “Friends” are praising Tyler on social media. They noted that the departure of the actor was a very sad day and shared with him their favorite memories on the screen. The actor also bid farewell to the official “Friends” profile on social media.


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