A mysterious interstellar visitor leaves the solar system.  is over

UFO flight called ‘Oumuamua Through the solar system in 2017, it sparked a lot of controversy in the world of astronomy and amateurs of alien civilizations. Now the “space cigar” is slowly leaving the solar system. It is one of the most mysterious objects ever discovered by humanity in space.

Calculations showed that the object came to us from the direction of Vega, the brightest star in the constellation Lyra, which is only 25 light years from Earth. The researchers were surprised by the unusual shape of the body. Some astronomers say it is A piece of a once destroyed planet the size of Plutobut there are also those who are convinced that it is a space probe sent by an alien civilization.

Avi Loeb, a researcher from Harvard University, reports that Oumuamua’s surface reflects sunlight 10 times more than known objects in the form of asteroids or comets. Moreover, he believes that we are dealing with An alien sail sent for research purposes by an alien civilizationWho decided to check if there is anything interesting in our solar system, since it is so close to Vega.

Loeb is sure that the spacecraft’s material is designed to reflect as much sunlight and solar wind particles as possible, thus increasing the spacecraft’s speed. The object began to accelerate strongly as it moved away from the sun. The accounts showed that It moved much faster than expected. In addition, it did not leave behind a cloud of dust and gases, to the astonishment of astronomers. They are gases that can accelerate a body, but this was different.

Although Loeb’s idea caused a lot of controversy in the astronomy world, many researchers I decided to send a space probe In order to explore the thing and discover all its secrets. In the last five years of its journey through the solar system, very little information has been obtained about it. The problem was a very high flight speed.

Interestingly, when the object was closest to Earth, It flew through the inner solar system at up to 87 kilometers per second. This is three times faster than the average speed of a main belt asteroid and 109 times faster than the average speed of a projectile, but only 0.017% of the speed of light. Now the object is too far away to be noticed by terrestrial systems.

Unfortunately, it is very possible that we will never know the truth because of this ‘Oumuamua is just leaving the inner solar system. It is now right next to Pluto, covering a distance of more than 4.5 million kilometers in 24 hours. Astronomers estimate that at this rate it will be all over interstellar space in about two years. Then humanity will not be able to explore it, because we do not have the technology that would allow a space probe to cover such a large distance in a short time.

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