DualSense Edge courtesy of Sony and journalists.  Check out the first PlayStation to PS5 pro board

Sony has just provided comprehensive materials outlining the capabilities of the DualSense Edge. The device also went to journalists who could check the capabilities of the first professional console prepared by PlayStation.

Selected editors traveled to PlayStation headquarters in the US, where those interested received their DualSense Edge. The device will debut in early 2023, so Now we can check how it works and what the controller available in Poland can do for PLN 1199.

DualSense Edge will not present a big revolution at first glance, because the device is “the same size and shape and has the same buttons and analogues” compared to the DualSense that PlayStation 5 owners received. The situation changes when we want to start the game, because the manufacturer has taken care of, among other things, the new buttons and the possibility of replacing analogues in full.

However, gamers need to know that the DualSense Edge will provide a “slightly” shorter game on a single charge, but Sony is adding a longer thick braided cable to the kit so that gamers can continue to play and charge equipment at the same time. The company also added a case to the kit that allows you to save battery power – it is worth noting that DualSense Edge and DualSense have a battery of the same capacity and size.

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