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Brazil and Croatia will play each other on Friday in the first quarter-finals of the tournament. Two days before this meeting, Vinicius Jr., who was one of the heroes of Canarinhos’ last match against South Korea, met with reporters.

The player, who plays for Real Madrid on a daily basis, was accompanied by a spokesperson for the Brazilian national team. Both of them were sitting at the conference table, and the soccer player was answering a question, but he suddenly stopped speaking. reason? The cat jumped on the table.

He didn’t want to go down, he was brought down

The situation caused laughter from the media representatives, who were both surprised and delighted by Vinicius. The cat took a comfortable position and did not want to leave the occupied place.

The Brazilian spokesperson immediately responded to the situation. He first grope the uninvited guest, but after a few seconds, running out of patience, he decides to remove the tetrapod from the environment as soon as possible. However, he did it in a rather subtle manner, which not everyone in the room liked. This is evidenced by the reaction of some people. The speaker himself seemed amazed at how his action was received. Show that he simply removed the cat from the table.

Croatia vs Brazil match on Friday at 16.00. Report from the meeting on the website

Video: Reuters Cat at the Brazil Conference in Qatar

Source: tvn24 World Cup knockout bracket

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