A modest package with an offer for fans of isometric stealth games
September 9, 2023 at 1:31 pm

author: Marcin “ReddoX” Barzala

The new Humble Bundle is a very good offering for fans of isometric stealth games. Interestingly, the collection includes two Polish productions that were released relatively recently.

Image source: Destructive Creations.


A new cheap bundle has appeared on the Humble Bundle, called Strike From The Shadows: Top-down Stealth, in which You can buy games that represent (at least partially) the isometric stealth genre.

Titles provided include: Two relatively new productions created by developers from PolandT.J. Kings of War And Serial detergents.

The other “star” of the new Humble Bundle is Shadow Tactics: Shogun Blades -gra From a studio that is currently closed Mimimi games, Which you can brag about Average rating 83/100 According to OpenCritic.

As usual, the promotion has been divided into price thresholds – this time two.

You can purchase Strike From The Shadows: Top-Down Stealth Pack here

First threshold

By paying a minimum of EUR 6.44 (about PLN 29.77), you will get four games For Steam and 1 discount coupon:

The second threshold

In return, by spending € 10.12 (approximately PLN 46.78), you will get all the games and other benefits of the first level, as well as additional benefits:

It is worth noting that a portion of the money generated from the sale of the Humble Bundle goes to the accounts of public benefit organizations. And this time they are: Active minds And Reading room.

When you purchase games from Humble Bundle, you can also spend more money than the value of the bundle. The extra money then goes to the organizations we choose – whether charities, game publishers or Humble itself.

  1. The official website of the Humble Bundle store

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