Steam Deck works amazingly well and can be a game changer for many.  Watch the gameplay at hand

Steam Deck will only debut at the end of the year, but early developers and publishers have already received the hardware. As a result, we can check out how the Valve device works, and for good reason the device is being praised. An interesting building piece is prepared.

Valve has already sent out the first Steam Deck prototypes to developers who, using devkits, will be able to improve their games so that the products take advantage of the benefits of the mobile platform. The equipment has already found its way into the hands of interested people and it must be admitted – it looks really good.

Mike Rose, publisher of Descenders, decided to show how production works on a Valve device, and the person in question himself does not hide that the title works “flawless” and offers an “amazing” experience.

Game developers with mouse and keyboard control should take care of the game, but even without the update we can use the touch screen.

In the third material, the No More Robots representative demonstrated the studio’s new placement, which offers hassle-free gameplay almost instantly. Mike Rose states that Steam Deck can be a real game-changer.

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