‘The Movie Critic’ gets tax break in California.  Did Tarantino choose the main actor?
“The Movie Critic,” Quentin Tarantino’s 10th film with which he plans to end his career, will receive a $20 million tax break in California, the state Film Commission announced Friday. The production was among sixteen other titles awarded in this way due to the choice of filming locations. The state of California allocates $330 million for this purpose every year. It is also said that the director selected the lead actor.

Quentin Tarantino’s final film with a tax break from California

I love shooting in California – Tarantino said in an official statement. This is where I started directing, and the film capital of the world is a perfect fit for my latest film. There’s nothing better than working on a film in your hometown, it has the best crews I’ve ever worked with and the locations are amazing. The producers and I are excited to be producing “Ten” in Los Angeles.

The California Film Commission also awarded a yet-to-be-titled Netflix project ($20 million) and Sony’s “Under My Skin,” rumored to be a Frank Sinatra biopic ($20.7 million), as well as 13 independent films ($646,000). 2.5 million dollars). Announced discounts will only be granted after production has been completed.

While production numbers are currently down significantly, today’s news of projects qualifying for our tax credit program is an indication that there will be a much-needed increase in production in California once the strikes end Colleen Bell, director of the committee, said:

Rumor: Paul Walter Hauser to star in Tarantino’s 10th film?

“The Movie Critic” is supposed to be the crowning film of Quentin Tarantino’s directorial career. After the project was announced, it was speculated that it would tell the story of critic Pauline Kael, admired by the author of “Pulp Fiction.” The director referred to these explanations during the Cannes Film Festival this year. Read: If not Pauline Kael, who? We know who will be in “The Movie Critic,” Quentin Tarantino’s final film.

Getty Images © Emma McIntyre

Paul Walter Hauser

Latest rumors say that the director has already chosen the lead role. It’s supposed to be Paul Walter Hauser – an actor known, among others, from the films “Richard Jewell”, “I’m the Best: Me, Tonya” and the Apple TV+ series “Blackbird”.

“Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood” podcast I have some comments

We encourage you to listen to the I’ve Got Some Comments podcast episode, in which Julia Taczanovska and Jakub Bubilecki talk about Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. Quentin Tarantino’s filmography is currently concluded.

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