A journalist from TVP attacked Kamel Stoch.  "A questionable man. Lots of complexes towards Małysz"

TVP’s Maciej Jabłoński commented sharply on Kamil Stoch’s recent behaviour. – He is an outstanding athlete, but he is also a man of questionable character The journalist explained.

The Polish jumpers had the most unsuccessful season in years. It is true that Daoud Kubaki won the bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics, but other than that it did not happen as expected. Poland has not won any of the World Cup tournaments.

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In addition, the season ended with a row about the team. Staff commanders reacted negatively to the end of cooperation with Michał Doleżal. The leader was Camille Stoch, who threatened to create his own training group and even end his career.

The media’s complaints about the jumpers resounded loudly. Not all of them accepted their position. Maciej Jabłoński of TVP Sport, who has worked for many years on ski jump television broadcasts, wrote a very sharp comment.

– I watched Kamel Stoch when he was still a teenager. And imagine what? I didn’t like his frown. I didn’t like it when he acted maliciously in front of the camera, making fun of me and my classmates. I was shocked when he left the jumpers house in 2007 and asked defiantly: “Who are you? Behind PIS or PO?”. She told Włodek Szaranowicz about it. He replied: uuuu, since this is how he begins the conversation, what will happen next? And it was. But I was silent and bore it. I always yelled at him – Jabłoński wrote on the “tvpsport.pl” website.

– An outstanding athlete, but also a man of dubious character. A man who has always had a lot of complications towards Adam Meais. Who sighed when Adam worked alone with Hanno Lipsto, then retired. Today the whole Stoch I have the impression, with great satisfaction allows himself to humiliate Małysz in public – added the journalist.

According to Jabłoński, current team members do not appreciate what Małysz has won with his successes for future generations of jumpers.

– He started at a time when it was necessary to finance a trip to 4-Hills-Tournament with his own money. He slept in the same room with the coach. It is to him that skateboarders are idols and have everything. Against a pile of suits, expensive hotels, airline tickets, and huge contracts – Jabłoński summarized.

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