Jersey Groza.  Director of "30-year-old Custer".  Private life

  • Jerzy Groza did not want to be a director. Plans to become a sculptor
  • He has several TV series and TV theater shows to his credit. He was ashamed of these two productions for the rest of his life
  • He had a reputation as a playboy. He himself admitted that women are the most important thing in the world to him. I have been married three times. He was the last one to be chosen as a model, whom he hired specifically for her beauty in the movie “The Forty”.
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The world of show business has always had people with very colorful characters with anecdotes and stories. Among these creators was Jerzy Gruza, a prominent Polish director and screenwriter, who presented the Poles with such hits as “Czter 30olatek” and “Wojna domowa”, as well as – to put it mildly – production failures in the form of the film “Gulczas, how do you think?”. With their behavior, mood and approach to the outside world He gained a reputation as a playboy and bikini player who adored women. Over the years, he has had many stories and anecdotes about himself, but the greatest author of them was himself. He liked to observe people and analyze the world with social interest. This is why his products were so popular. The director capitalized on his interest in engaging with the world’s most important women. He met one of his wives on the set of his series. And although they were officially married for 40 years, Gruza always met other women.

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Jersey Groza. Career beginnings

He was born on April 4, 1932 in Warsaw. Absolutely He did not want to work in television or in the world of cinema. Although from an early age he showed a talent for meticulous observation of reality. In an interview with Piotr Czerkawski, he said:

However, this does not mean – as some might imagine – that young Yurik would like to become, for example, a writer, journalist or filmmaker. Jerzy Groza wanted to become a sculptor in his youth. He did not succeed in achieving his dreams. For some time He worked in Centrala Tekstylna in the wool department. Only his friends convinced him to direct his steps to film school. In an interview with Playboy, the director said:

“Once, on the street, I met my friend – cinematographer Jurek Wójcik. He asked me:“ What are you doing? “. I ask: why? Will I carry batteries? «. I knew the whole world of cinema from the other side. thanks Dad. He was an ophthalmologist. He worked at Wytwórnia Filmów Fabularnych. He dealt with lenses and turned old German cameras into more modern cameras.”

Photo: press material

Civil War – Still from the series

Jersey Groza. TV “Domna Wojna” and “Cztertymolatek”

In 1956, he graduated from the directing department of the PWSF in ód and became involved in television. He found himself in it very quickly and proved his talent. In the ’60s and ’70s, he was one of the most respected television directors and screenwriters. Series “Civil war”, which was a real success. The success of the production was due to Gruza, who stated in one of the interviews:

Photo: MW Media

Jersey Groza

Success awakened the appetite, and in 1970 Jerzy Groza appeared with the feature film “Woodpecker”, in which she played Violetta Villas. The director mentioned in an interview with “Show” that he had touched the first artificial breast in Poland.

“I knew her even before she left for America. Z Las Vegas came as a big stage singer with huge breasts that she had never had before. Show me. She said, “Look, touch.”. I think I was the first to test this product in Poland myself ”- he recalls with a laugh.

Jerzy Gruza has always had a great connection with the women who care about him always and everywhere. an actress Katarzyna Shaniuskathe director’s friend, in an interview with “Super Express”:

“He was driving in those years, I don’t know how much and how much he bought it, because in those days it was hard to get it. It was said that when he was driving a car and saw a girl walking next to him, he would immediately return to meet her regardless of the other cars.“- She said.

Jersey Groza. Playboy, lover of women

In an interview with “Playboy”, the director did not deny this at all:

Before the production of the next series, which later became a huge success, Jerzy Groza has already been married twice and divorced twice. The first wife was Gdwiga, with whom he had a son. The second wife was an English teacher, Natalia. The manager hardly spoke about both partners. Anyway, he hated to remember the ancient times at all. The most important thing was “here and now”. Jersey Groza enjoy life by the handfuls. More than that because The aforementioned new series, which is a cult series today.”forty years“It was an affirmation of his perfect creative form.

Photo: Garrosau Antoniac/MW Media

Jersey Groza

At the same time, success in work was also followed by success in private life. Jerzy Gruza made no secret that he had always been interested in women, and they were looking out for his company. In an interview with Playboy, the director said:

Some people think I’m a playboy because I’ve always been interested in the opposite sex. Yes, I often looked for women. Anyway, usually after I looked at them, they stumbled. I’ve been through it a few times, but I don’t want to sound like the old bragging. For the sake of balance, I can tell that they have stopped faltering over time.”

Before that happened, there was a woman who was well known to all of Poland besides Jerzy Groza in his life. this is Grażyna Lisiewska, which was seen by TV viewers during the festival in Sopot. Interestingly enough, the model came out on stage and… was silent. However, everyone wondered who this mysterious woman was. Jerzy Groza had a chance to find out. He met her by chance and got a role in the “Forty Years”. She played the dream-like Mariola, who worked with the wife of engineer Karovsky, in which she played Anna Senyuk.

Jersey Groza. Wife from a distance

Many directors try to make their loved ones often star in the works for which they are responsible. Jersey Groza is not one of them. Grażyna Lisiewska has not starred in any of her husband’s series or films. why? Directly in Playboy, the director said:

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Jerzy Groza with his wife

Jerzy Groza has not spoken publicly about his third marriage, which began in 1977. However Friends and acquaintances of the couple quickly noticed that the couple had stopped spending time together. My wife lived in Gdynia, and Jerzy Groza spent most of his time in Warsaw. Apparently, she had to turn a blind eye to her husband’s novels and close contacts with women. In a recent interview, Gruza admitted:

Although they never divorced, the director was set to be closely associated with the actress for years Tatiana Sosna Sarno. Both had families at the time, and were also connected by working together. They founded the music club “Sina” and lasted for about 10 years. The actress in an interview with “Viva!” She even mentioned that the director offered her to live togetherBut she refused.


Jerzy Groza and Tatiana Sozna-Czarno

For more than 40 years, Jerzy Groza has been an official husband, and his wife has not commented on any rumors or reports.. Instead, she maintained a relationship with her husband and came to Warsaw to appear with him in public during various cultural events. Grażyna Lisiewska has always been supportive of him. It was especially important at the end of a director’s life. In 2020, Jerzy Groza fell down the stairs and broke badly. Serious heart problems were also discovered in the hospital. Jerzy Groza died unexpectedly on February 16, 2020.

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