A deadly gift under the Christmas tree.  o2 – can kill a man in 20 minutes

This unusual incident occurred in Queensburg, South Africa. On December 22, snake catcher Chris Evans described them. According to his account, a poisonous snake was found in the house of one of the families. Hide under the Christmas tree.

Poisonous snake under the Christmas tree

The family first spotted the snake in the yard. However, the animal got scared and entered the house through the crack in the front door. Then he climbed onto the shelf by choice. There, she is noticed by the family.

The family invited professional snake catcher Chris Evans. When he was on his way, the deadly snake slid to the ground and hid behind the loudspeaker.

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Too bad he didn’t wait for me in the tree. Then I can take some pretty pictures – we read it in the snake catcher entry.

Evans quickly solved the problem. Upon his arrival, he removed the snake from behind the speaker using special pliers, then carried it into the living room and pinned it to the floor.

It was about two meters long, and did not contain part of the tail. “Although he was going through a difficult ordeal, he was very relieved,” the man wrote in his letter.

Evans added that the family was very tense and could not bear to be quiet like he did. The snake catcher admitted that it was “one of the funniest” places Mamba had found.

I’m sure a lot of people who read this thought it was a good script for a joke. Santa left me a Christmas present early, not only in my house, but under someone’s Christmas tree.”

black mamba It is a type of poisonous snake that lives in the Sahel region, central and southern Africa. The black mamba is the largest venomous snake in Africa, its length exceeds 2.5 meters, but sometimes it reaches more than 4.5 meters. The poison of this snake can kill. Death occurs approximately 7-15 hours after the attack.

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