April 1, 2023


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Tensions over Transnistria. Zakharova on radioactive materials

The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, confirmed that Moscow fears the actions of the “Kiev regime” in the Transnistrian region. Maria Zakharova also claims – in an interview with the Russian propaganda agency TASS – that Ukraine is trying to bring radioactive materials into her country.

Zakharova warns of “provocations by the Kiev regime”

In a comment to the media published on Wednesday, Zakharova explained that the Defense Ministry had already drawn attention to the “provocations prepared by the Kiev regime”. The official stressed that Ukraine wants to accuse Russia of carrying out mass attacks on facilities that may contain radioactive materials.

According to Zakharova, Ukraine would itself carry out such attacks and pollute its territory in order to blame Moscow. The alleged provocation from Kiev will take place near Transnistria, which would destabilize the region.

The spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also indicated that the Ukrainians may try to use the ports in the Odessa region to deliver radioactive materials to the country. It must be remembered that these ports are part of the grain deal. The question always arises whether these ports and the entire humanitarian corridor can be used for other purposes? The official stressed.

Kyiv does not respond to Moscow’s allegations

The Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly confirmed that they do not possess nuclear weapons and do not carry out activities using radioactive materials. However, as Moscow points out, Kiev has not responded to the latest outlandish theories put forward by the Kremlin.

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Zakharov’s lack of reaction is interpreted as confirmation that Ukraine is transporting radioactive materials into the country. – It seems that the regime of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is ready to use any pretext to escalate the conflict in order to obtain military and financial assistance from the West, – he says.

– A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms that he does not care that such dangerous projects lead to catastrophic shocks and many deaths.

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