May 28, 2023


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Taiwanese bear hits Chinese Pooh in the face. Spot madness

In Internet memes, the fictional character of Winnie the Pooh, created by British writer AA Milne, is compared to the President of China, which Chinese censors are trying to prevent. The endangered Taiwanese bear, a subspecies of the Himalayan bear, is a symbol of Taiwanese identity, which is separate from Chinese identity.

Patch designer Alec Hsu has been selling it in his store since last year. nHowever, he noticed a sudden increase in sales on Saturday onlyafter Taiwan’s military news agency published a photo of a fighter pilot sewn into his sleeve.

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Taiwan’s air force told Reuters that while it particularly “discourages” its pilots to wear a dress that is not part of the uniform, it “remains open” to any action to boost the morale of the troops.

The image of the badge depicting a brutalized Winnie the Pooh has yet to make its way onto Chinese social media.

China increases its military spending

during the March meetings The Chinese Communists decided to increase military spending (by 7.2%).. Previously, China’s defense budget had doubled in one decade. This is what the official Chinese data says. Meanwhile, experts suspect that the Chinese have been hiding the true scale of spending on expanding the armed forces for years.

In his sermons in March Xi also said that China should strive for technological independence. It is implicitly about independence from the United States, from which China imports the latest technology.

Xi also criticized US President Joe Biden’s “aggressive” international policies. He spoke again of the need to “return Taiwan to the motherland.”

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