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In 2021, Konami changed the publishing system for its football simulation. The previous version known as PES has ended, and soon a game called eFootball 2022 will be released, and it will be a free game, that is, for free. The game’s premiere will take place on September 30th.

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More controversial ideas

In September, we got the first and detailed information about Konami’s latest production. eFootball 2022 was supposed to be a revolution in the market, but before its premiere, it turned out to be a huge disappointment. First of all, the game looks lagging so we will only be able to play with ten teams at first. In addition, the match will take place in only six stadiums, including one made entirely.

Moreover, during the premiere, the product will offer players an incomplete set of modes. We will have to wait for the next updates for more gameplay options. Konami, of course, guarantees to enrich the game in the subsequent months, but the question is why it won’t happen right away, so that the player has a full version at his disposal, not like the demo version.

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Mikrop³atno¶ci zmor ±

But let’s move on to Konami’s latest controversial idea. Every player understands that free play really means entertainment in the form of pay2win. It will be no different in eFootball 2022, as micropayments will be available in the simulator. What do we buy them? Among other things, additional cards for the best players. In short, those players who pay will have an easier time winning.

This micropayment is called Premium Player Pack. According to the manufacturer, the offer allows the recruitment of one player out of 16 first-class players – ambassadors and players of affiliated clubs. Interestingly, although the game has not yet appeared on the market, it is possible to place it Request #%s for the Premium Player package. Expenses? Bagatela 169 zlotys for 2800 eFootball coins, virtual currency and offer to recruit the best soccer player.

but that is not all. Although the game will be released on September 30th, players who purchase the Premium Player bundle will now be able to receive it…in mid-November. The product will then release an update that introduces the game’s Creative Teams mode – the equivalent of FIFY’s Ultimate Team. This means that the player has to pay for the product before its first offer to get a discount on it. However, it will not be received until 1.5 months after the game is released on the market.

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