March 27, 2023


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Heynen wants a new job in Poland!  There is an official confirmation.  "Vital love to"

Heynen wants a new job in Poland! There is an official confirmation. “Vital love to”

Vital Heinen Sunday in Katowice led the Polish volleyball players To beat Serbia 3-0 in the European Championship bronze medal match. He later admitted that it was his farewell Fate ±, in which he fought, among other things, the world championship.

Vital Heynen should leave, even though he’s achieved the most since Wagner

“Vital would love and care about this position”

A group of journalists asked Heinen if he was really looking for a new job. If you have the best job in the world, no other options will be considered. Leading the Polish national team is considered the best volleyball job. I can’t imagine better. Heinen replied: I had the pleasure of doing so. was able to find out that Heynen was determined to apply for a specific job. who recently released it Jacek Nawrocki, former coach of the Polish women’s national team.

His spokeswoman spoke about Heinen’s possible work with the women’s staff at the Polish News Agency.

– Vital will love and care about this position. In addition to the fact that he loves challenges, and this seems to be an interesting one, he also loves Poland and the Polish fans and wants to stay in our country longer – said Ola Piskorska at PAP.

Strong game – #StrojeZaAsy in the European Volleyball Championship

192 uniforms will go to young volleyball fans as part of the campaign titled “Acees Fashion” which is still going on European Volleyball Championship. In the match for third place with Serbia Polish representation She served six aces for a total of 64 aces for the tournament.

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Vital Heinen says goodbye to the Polish national teamVital Heynen wrote a letter to the Poles. “I didn’t cry much”

We counted consecutive aces online and on outdoor advertising at the Cepelia building in Warsaw and the main railway station in Katowice – the unofficial Polish capital of volleyball, where the final stage of the whole event took place. details Share hereContest rules Here.