STALKER 2 shines in the game show.  Creators show combat, exploration, views, and important heroes

According to today’s announcement, at 20:00 Polish time, the “premiere presentation” of new materials related to the long-awaited game STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl has begun. It was supposed to look at the presentation of the game, but – it is worth noting – that the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World did not prepare an additional surprise for us in the form of a release date, and the scenario with the debut of the item on store shelves in 2023 is still under maintenance.

The material mainly focuses on showing parts of the game related to fighting against people and all kinds of monsters, but at the same time we can look at exploring the Exclusion Zone, which is surprising in many ways. There is also no shortage of accurate shots of animation and movie inserts along with the gameplay or beautiful landscapes made for the needs of the trailer along with the gameplay.

Finally, let us remind you that STALKER 2 will be porting first to Xbox Series X | S and PC, and after an exclusive period of perhaps 3 months, the post-apocalyptic RPG will also appear on PlayStation 5.

In addition, pre-orders for STALKER 2 have already begun. The title can be ordered on Steam, for example, and its price in the PC version is – by today’s standards – only PLN 199.

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