A company that was serving as a screen for a banned ice mix from Montreal, sees BIG

The investigation has revealed The problem of personal and business relationships According to a new report, between the two companies (New window) It was made public to the city council Monday afternoon.

Excavators Anzo and Juan Dupe have entered the register of ineligible persons by the city of Montreal or are in violation of the municipality’s contract administration law March 23, 2017.

However, Mr. Looks like Dubai Work provided To Déneigement Na-Sa, a company founded on October 31, 2018 by his wife, Nancy Desjardins, and his son, Samuel Dube. The shareholders, directors and officers of the company are the chairman and secretary of the company respectively.

Investigation Is large In particular, Yuen Dupe was able to see that he was still active in the field and, contrary to Ms. Desjardins’ claim, technical questions were being sent to him.

Looking at these aforementioned elements revealed by the investigation, it is illusory to claim any stamp between the interests of the two family businesses, Nancy Desjardins, Samuel Dupe and Juan Dupe.

An excerpt from:Brigitte Bishop, Inspector General

For this reason, The Is large Denigement has decided to terminate three contracts for a total value of $ 8.3 million awarded to Na-Cha, two of which are Riviere-des-Prairie-Point-Aux-Trembles to provide snow removal from metropolitan areas and roads and sidewalks in Anzo. In mid-April 2023.

It also recommends that municipal officials terminate the other three contracts for leasing street cleaning equipment provided to the company.

In connection with these calls for tenders, The Is large Admit it No investigation [a] Yuen Dube’s involvement was not allowed to be seen live. Further They act like they did, He continues, Nancy Deszardins and Samuel Dupe underestimated the city’s ability to bond on a contractual basis..

All three family members should now be listed Block list Of the municipality, estimates Is large, Which suggests a two-year record for Nancy Desjardins and Samuel Dupe, and an additional three-year record for Juan DuPay.

The latter are already competing before the courts on this list, which in January 2018 was competing on its record in the register of companies that are not eligible for public contracts (RENA) by the financiers of Autoride des March.

From de-icing to drilling

For his work as a nominee for the Remarquez Toss and for allowing excavators Anzo and Juan Dupe to obtain municipal contracts. Prohibited Montreal in 2017.

The company, Remarquez Toss, has been registered for five years Block list From the previous year Montreal to use Different projects of a collective nature in relation to multiple calls for tenders Brought to light by Another OIG investigation.

Coincidentally or incidentally, the Service de la de Ville de Montreal (SPVM) announced on Monday that it would establish exclusive drilling zones on the island of Montreal until July 1st.

The entrance to these zones, explains SPVM By news release, Following the recommendations provided [BIG] In a report released in 2017.

The OIG is currently headed by Inspector General Brigitte Bishop Who came after the Denise Calendar Autorita des Mar after his departure for the general public.

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