Sango Was Afraid To Drown In Survivor Quebec: Marika Was On The Front Row And She Tells Us About It

Marika was recently evicted Surviving Quebec. She had a right The blind side Organized by Jean-Junior, whom she wanted to eliminate.

I was able to discuss her eviction the day after it aired.

We asked her about the dire situation of Sango, who was in fear of drowning during an aquatic challenge last Sunday.

At that time I was really immersed in temptation. It is a very physically demanding test. Not much seems to be going on around here that I know of. Sango, on the other hand, was sure to be next to me. He looked at me and there was real fear in his eyes. At that time, I told him: “Don’t worry about the challenge, just swim”. It meant a lot to him. Later, Jean-Junior went to help him. Me, I was really focused on finishing the race, especially since at that point we had Sango and Jean-Junior who couldn’t help us anymore, so we had to work twice as hard. »

Commenting on the production’s reaction to the situation, Marika says: “ If the situation had been dire, she would have intervened “. So we imagine that with Jean-Junior’s quick intervention, the situation should have been under control.

Remember that if the medical team did not intervene in this situation, it did so late in the season when a candidate found himself in a critical situation. More details here.

While watching the shows, Marika also says that Kareen’s performance surprised her the most. ” I underestimated her. I don’t see her trying to make shots as a player. We don’t talk much about strategy together. But, if I had it to do over again, I think I’d be a little more cautious. »

Remember that Karin’s vote was decisive in eliminating Marika as she chose to follow Jean-Junior and Christophe over the tribal women. ” It definitely made me cringe a little [le fait qu’elle ait voté contre elle]. Especially since they are seen as a minority [anciens Kalooban], I pushed them to stay, gave them a shot and it bounced back a little bit, but everybody has different strategies, it’s different watching the game. She positively tried, and I can’t blame him. »

On Sunday, Thursday’s elimination will soon see members of the group shake things up as they arrive at the event. Marika had a good relationship with Joel, and with others, how would the latter react?

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