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Countdown has begun to fall on December 25th, the day Christmas is celebrated in various parts of the world, however, due to the epidemic caused by COVID-19, of course, you will only spend it with your family for this opportunity. Parents with their children, so today we will teach you the best emojis with their respective meanings that you can use to send greetings to your other loved ones. .

There are four emojis in total, which are distributed in different categories: ’emoticons and people’, ‘animals and nature’ and ‘objects’. As you may remember, There are over three thousand emojis to offer you, but the ‘Santa Claus’ icons,’ Mrs. ‘Glass’, ‘Christmas Tree’ and ‘Gift Wrap’ are often shared in December.

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Santa Claus

Also known as ‘Santa Claus’, this is an emoji that reflects a big thing with a red dress, long beard and white hair because his aim is to bring gifts and joy to all the children in the world during the Christmas season. It is important to clarify what the emoji is Share The web portal states that it allows you to change the skin tone to light, medium, dark and very dark .

Mrs. Class

It’s about ‘Mother Christmas’, also known as’ Santa Claus’ wife’, shown as an old woman with glasses and a festive red and white hat. Undoubtedly the most useful emoji when you want to send greetings to your grandparents or elderly uncles.

Christmas tree

At Christmas, Christmas trees made of nativity scenes or evergreen leaves are placed, decorated with lights, and decorated with balls of different colors and a bright yellow star. It will usually be sent via WhatsApp in December, however it will be shared when you talk about the holidays or winter.

Wrapped gift

It is a gift or gift inside a box built with a bow, the latter varying in color as some bases are made of red, blue or yellow. Share Emoji is designed to say that you are bringing a gift for someone’s birthday, Christmas, holidays, celebrations or special events.

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