A collection of popular games with cheap choices and consequences on Humble Bundle
24 September 2023 at 07:25

The new Humble Bundle promotion lets you buy a collection of well-received games with wide-ranging stories at a cheap price. These included products such as Beyond: Two Souls, Tales from the Borderlands: A Telltale Games Series, and Twin Mirror.

The “Narrative Control” promotion has gone live on Humble, which allows you to cheaply buy a bunch of games with rich storylines, the course of which we can shape largely by our own choices.

Promotion is divided into three levels:

First threshold

By paying at least 4.68 euros, or approximately 21 Polish zlotys, you will get three games:

  1. Before your eyes
  2. Crook factory
  3. Tales from the Borderlands: The Telltale Games Series

The second threshold

In return, if you pay at least EUR 9.33 (about PLN 43), you will get all the games from the first level plus the following:

  1. Further: two souls
  2. Beyond the steel sky
  3. Double mirror

Third threshold

However, if you pay EUR 16.80 (about PLN 77) or more, you will receive everything from the previous two levels and two additional games:

  1. New tales from the borderlands
  2. Written by: Sada Starsong

For players who like games with rich storylines, this is a very attractive package. It should be noted that all products from the collection were warmly received on Steam. Even the worst rated of them, that is Double mirrorIt received 75% positive reviews on this site and in case Written by: Sada Starsong up to 97%

Finally, it’s worth noting that traditionally, a portion of the proceeds from a promotion will go to charity. This time, the National Video Games Museum and Reading Room will be supported.

  1. Narrative Control – Humble Promotion Page

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