This is what Maps will look like on the iPhone lock screen.  New and great in iOS 17

The latest information indicates that iOS will get a feature that everyone needs and no one asked for. The next version of the iPhone operating system will provide the ability to display Apple Maps with live activity on the locked screen.

This year’s WWDC conference is approaching, and there is less than a month left. On June 5, we will learn about the news that Apple has prepared for us – including the new version of iOS 17. This should introduce a significant change. This will be a new way to display Apple Maps on the locked screen.

This is what Maps will look like on the iPhone lock screen in iOS 17.

According to Twitter user 941, the new iOS will have an interesting feature to offer. This will be useful for drivers who actively use Apple Maps. The lock screen, which has been completely updated in the currently available iOS 16, will provide another feature.

We will partially display Apple Maps on it, which will show basic information – the route, the direction in which we are supposed to go, as well as the current date, time or number of notifications. At the moment it is true that the ability to display maps on the lock screen is very similar, but they appear on the entire screen, which means that we do not have proper access to eg. Notifications, because swiping simply unlocks our iPhone.

941 claims iOS 17 will change that. You will need to swipe up to read the list of notifications. The new look of Apple Maps on the lock screen is to be a live activity widget, because according to the informant, the maps can be resized – even to the size of the music player on the lock screen, and also enlarged by touching the screen again.

We’re not sure if this change will actually carry over to the new version at all, but 941 provided us with information that has proven successful on more than one occasion, such as Dynamic Island. We have to wait until the iOS 17 premiere in beta, which will be available in early June.

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