How to cool iPhone 15?  Apple found a way to do this

Do you have an iPhone 15 that is overheating? Stay tuned for the new iOS 17 update that will solve the problem. Apple has spoken publicly about this and reassured users.

Photo: Camille Switalski

In a message sent to the site ForbesApple representatives report that they are aware of the iPhone 15 overheating issue and are already working on a fix:

We’ve identified several factors that can cause your iPhone to get hotter than expected. Your device may become warmer during the first few days after you set up or restore your device due to increased background activity. We’ve also found a bug in iOS 17 that is affecting some users and will be resolved in a software update. Another issue is related to some recent updates of third party apps which cause system congestion. We are working with the developers of these apps on the fixes that are currently being rolled out.

– This message shows that the issue does not only apply to the iPhone 15. Phone overheating issues may also affect previous generations of iPhones running iOS 17. While in the case of the first scenarios I can somehow justify it, so situations where there is no… System and applications excessive overheating should occur. iOS 17 has not been tested for several months before the official premiere, so there may be problems with the operation of the devices.

Photo: Camille Switalski

It is also surprising that Apple remained silent for a week after the release of iPhone 15 and two weeks after the release of iOS 17 and in no way addressed the situation of users who were massively reporting hardware issues. This started a flurry of speculation and theories about the whole situation. From faulty modules to design flaws, a poorly designed A17 Pro system and more. Analysts and specialists indicated that the problem is not with the components or the titanium frame in the iPhone 15 Pro. And it seems they were right.

Hot iPhones? The issue will be resolved by iOS 17 update

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t disclose which apps cause iPhones to overheat — which is unfortunate, because users can opt out of these apps during the period in which the appropriate updates are provided. However, there is no shortage of comments online suggesting that it is primarily a matter of Instagram performing additional tasks in the background that overuse the resources of phones running iOS 17 – because according to all official information, This mode does not only apply to the iPhone 15.

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iPhone 15 Pro has a battery problem?  Strange, it works for me

However, there’s no denying that this year’s releases are the focus of attention, being widely tested by reviewers, tech YouTubers and everyday users venting their justifiable frustration online. Because perhaps no one can imagine a situation in which we spend several thousand złoty on equipment that cannot be held in our hands due to excessive heating. I’m secretly hoping that a proper update will see the light of day soon – whether from app developers or iOS itself. Will it be iOS 17.1, which just received its first beta? I think we will receive an update that solves the iPhone overheating issue soon.

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